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  1. Hauppauge
    MFR Part #1414

    Colossus is a High Definition video recorder for making real-time video recordings at resolutions up to 1080i using high quality H.264. More

    MSRP: $169.95
  2. Hauppauge
    MFR Part #610

    USB video capture, display and DVD burning for your Windows PC More

    MSRP: $49
  3. Hauppauge
    MFR Part #23040

    Enjoy live HD or SD TV and radio on your desktop PC More

    MSRP: $79
  4. Hauppauge
    MFR Part #23064-1

    Media Center Remote Kit More

    MSRP: $39
  5. Hauppauge
    MFR Part #23058

    Ultra COMPACT, Brilliant HDTV and 100% DIGITAL More

    MSRP: $129.95
  6. Matrox

    Matrox VS4 quad HD-SDI Capture Card with VS4Recorder Pro Software More

    Starting at: $1,076.00

  7. Matrox
    MFR Part #MONARC

    Matrox Monarch HD Professional streaming and recording appliance More

    Starting at: $895.00

  8. epiphan Video
    MFR Part #ESP0510 | ESP1137

    Epiphan’s DVI2USB 3.0™ is a versatile, high performance video grabber capable of capturing high quality video and images from any device with a DVI/VGA/HDMI signal. More

    MSRP: $699.95
  9. epiphan Video
    MFR Part #SP0657

    SDI2USB 3.0™ Epiphan’s newest external video grabber captures and records uncompressed production-quality images and videos directly from 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI sources. More

    MSRP: $699.95
  10. Datavideo
    MFR Part #TVS1200

    Trackless virtual studio with 2 camera inputs. It comes included with a control panel, keyboard, mouse, 20 free virtual sets, virtual set maker that allows you to create your own sets, and live streaming.


    MSRP: $8499
  11. Matrox
    MFR Part #V1HDMHD

    The bundle pairs the power of the Matrox Monarch HD professional streaming and recording appliance and the Roland V-1HD portable 4-channel HD video switcher. More

    MSRP: $1990
  12. Teradek

    This Bundle Includes:

    • 2 Teradek VidiU Pro / 2 Teradek VidiU
    • Teradek LIVE:AIR Video Production Suite for IOS
    • $100 iTunes Giftcard to upgrade your LIVE:AIR

    Starting at: $1,399.00

  13. epiphan Video
    MFR Part #ESP1100

    Capture 4K video in perfect fidelity, or use hardware scaling to meet your application needs at any resolution.


    MSRP: $499.95
  14. Matrox

    Monarch LCS lets you easily define profiles for live streamed and recorded lectures by mixing camera and presentation material from SDI and HDMI sources.


    Starting at: $2,370.00

  15. Matrox
    MFR Part #V-1SDI | MONARC

    The bundle pairs the power of the Matrox Monarch HD professional streaming and recording appliance and the Roland V-1SDI portable 3G-SDI video switcher. More

    MSRP: $2490