UHF Wireless Mic Systems

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  1. Azden
    MFR Part #HS-9

    HS-9 Omni-directional Headset Microphone More

    MSRP: $38
  2. Azden
    MFR Part #HS-11

    HS-11 Uni-Directional Headset Microphone More

    MSRP: $75
  3. Azden
    MFR Part #HS-12

    HS-12 Uni-Directional Behind-The-Head Set Microphone More

    MSRP: $85
  4. Azden
    MFR Part #CM-20D

    CM-20D Neck-Worn Collar Microphone More

    MSRP: $85
  5. Azden

    Azden 310 Series Diversity Wireless Mic Systems More

    Starting at: $399.00

  6. Azden

    Azden 330 Series Dual Channel Diversity Systems More

    Starting at: $775.00

  7. Azden

    Azden 310/330 Series Components More

    Starting at: $30.00

  8. Azden

    Improving the performance of the highly regarded 1201 Series was no easy task for Azden engineers. This involved a completely new circuit design for the crystal-controlled PLL synthesized 2000 Series. More

    Starting at: $720.00