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  1. Editors Keys
    MFR Part #EK-SS-SL600

    StudioSeries SL600 is a top of the range broadcast quality USB microphone, utilizing a high performance USB processing chip and a high quality 34mm cardioid condenser capsule ensuring all of your audio is warm and crisp. More

    MSRP: $299.99
  2. Azden

    Azden 1201 Series Components More

    Starting at: $60.00

  3. Azden
    MFR Part #HS-9H

    Azden HS-9H - Omni-directional Headset Microphone More

    MSRP: $60
  4. Azden
    MFR Part #HS-11H

    Azden HS-11H - Uni-Directional Headset Microphone More

    MSRP: $90
  5. Azden
    MFR Part #HS-12H

    Azden HS-12H - Uni-Directional Behind-The-Head Set Microphone More

    MSRP: $100
  6. Azden
    MFR Part #CM-20DH

    Azden CM-20DH - Neck-Worn Collar Microphone More

    MSRP: $100
  7. Azden
    MFR Part #SMX-100

    High Performance Stereo Microphone More

    MSRP: $600
  8. Azden

    Azden SMX-3416 Broadcast Spec Shotgun Mics More

    Starting at: $499.00

  9. Azden

    Azden SGM-990 Shotgun Mic More

    Starting at: $85.00

  10. Azden

    Pro Series DSLR Wireless Mic & Shotgun Mic Kits More

    Starting at: $280.00

  11. Azden
    MFR Part #WMS-PRO

    VHF Wireless Microphone System More

    MSRP: $240
  12. Azden

    Azden Pro Series Wireless Mic Components More

    Starting at: $30.00

  13. Azden
    MFR Part #PROXD

    An easy to use and affordable digital wireless lavalier microphone system for camera mounting and mobile video applications. More

    MSRP: $250
  14. Azden
    MFR Part #SMX-15

    Powered Shotgun Video Microphone More

    MSRP: $250
  15. Editors Keys
    MFR Part #EK-SS-SL150

    StudioSeries SL150 USB Microphone features an on-board high quality analog-to-digital converter and USB output. It's broadcast approved, recording at 48Khz. Perfect for recording singing vocals, speech, rapping, podcasts and musical instruments. More

    MSRP: $139.99