Teradek offers a wide range of state-of-the-art wireless video products for filmmaking, live video production, and broadcast contribution. As a pioneer of IP video devices, Teradek creates highly versatile encoders and accompanying transmission systems for live HD video broadcasting over WiFi, Ethernet, and 3G/4G networks. Since 2008, Teradek products have been utilized by video professionals in cinema, broadcast news, professional sports, government, and higher education. All Teradek products are designed and manufactured in Orange County, California and are distributed worldwide.



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  1. Teradek
    MFR Part #10-0219

    VidiU Pro features enhanced WiFi, built-in recording, and the ability to combine the uplink capability of 4 smartphones for a strong bonded connection. VidiU Pro is sure to be the go-to encoder for your live broadcast. More

    MSRP: $999
  2. Teradek
    MFR Part #10-0245

    Live Streaming Without a PC More

    MSRP: $699
  3. Teradek

    Cube SD/HD-SDI Encoders and Decoders More

    Starting at: $1,590.00

  4. Teradek

    Rugged Camera-Top HD H.264 More

    Starting at: $1,190.00

  5. Teradek
    MFR Part #BEAM

    Low Latency, Ultra Long Range HD-SDI H.264 Codec Transmitters and Receivers. More

    Starting at: $2,495.00

  6. Teradek

    Wireless H.264 Video Encoder/Server More

    Starting at: $2,290.00

  7. Teradek

    Ultra Miniature HD H.264 Decoder More

    Starting at: $450.00

  8. Teradek
    MFR Part #10-0623 | 10-0613 | 10-0641 | 10-0642 | 10-0643

    Teradek Cubelet HDSDI Pairs More

    Starting at: $3,280.00

  9. Teradek

    Ultra Miniature HD H.264 Encoder More

    Starting at: $599.00

  10. Teradek
    MFR Part #10-0050 | 10-0050-V | 10-0050-A

    Portable Teradek Link Dual Band Wireless Access Point / Router GbE available with no mount | v-mount | gold mount More

    Starting at: $599.00

  11. Teradek

    Rugged Camera-Top HD H.264 More

    Starting at: $1,090.00

  12. Teradek
    MFR Part #11-0050

    Teradek Protective Case: Bolt Pro 300/600/2000 TX + 2RX More

    MSRP: $150
  13. Teradek

    Rugged Camera-Back HD H.264 More

    Starting at: $2,200.00

  14. Teradek
    MFR Part #11-0766

    Teradek Bolt Single Battery Plate Mount 14.4V RX / V-Mount More

    MSRP: $290
  15. Teradek
    MFR Part #11-0767

    Bolt Single Battery Plate Mount 14.4V RX/AB-Mount: 11in / 27cm More

    MSRP: $290