NEXT Computing focuses on solutions that meet the continually evolving demands of the high performance computing community. They have worked closely with Samsung to put together VR workstations optimized for the Samsung 360 Round camera.

NEXT Computing

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  1. NEXT Computing
    MFR Part #NC-RDSE-S360R

    Radius Edge portable workstation for Samsung 360 Round post production More

    MSRP: $8995
  2. NEXT Computing
    MFR Part #NC-RDSLV-S360R

    NEXT Radius Live Portable Workstation for Samsung 360 Round 3D VR Live Stitching & Streaming More

    MSRP: $9995
  3. NEXT Computing
    MFR Part #NC-SoftCase/RDSLV

    High-quality, padded carrying bags with a shoulder strap and extra pockets for your accessories. More

    MSRP: $220
  4. NEXT Computing
    MFR Part #NC-HardCase/RDSLV

    Rugged hard cases that are crushproof, air tight, and built to withstand frequent travel or harsh environments. We customize the internal compartments of the case to fit your system and accessories. More

    MSRP: $1050