MAGIX has been inspiring people for more than 20 years with powerful, user-friendly multimedia software at excellent prices. Both beginners and professionals can find the perfect solution for creating, designing, archiving and presenting their own videos, music, photos, graphics and websites. Magix innovative software development allows them to continuously set new standards and offer state-of-the-art products.

Following MAGIX's official acquisition of the majority of Sony Creative Software products, you'll now find the following video and audio products listed here: VEGAS Pro | VEGAS Movie Studio | Sound Forge | ACID | SpectraLayers Pro.


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  1. MAGIX
    MFR Part #250019ESD | 250019ESD-UG| 110014EDU | 250019ESD-Crossgrade

    VEGAS Pro 15 Professional video and audio production and disc authoring software packed with the features you need to produce professional quality video and audio.


    Starting at: $236.55

  2. MAGIX
    MFR Part #250057ESD-UG | 250057ESD | 110052EDU

    VEGAS Pro Edit delivers a set of complete, modern NLE editing tools in a lean, logical interface to help you realize your optimal creativity.


    Starting at: $179.95

  3. MAGIX
    MFR Part #110267ESD-UG | 110267ESD | 110267EDU

    VEGAS Pro 15 Suite is world-class NLE, with a powerful disc-authoring application, a collection of high-quality plug-ins to create a suite of amazing products that delivers professional results.


    Starting at: $331.55

  4. MAGIX
    Part #SOUNDFORGE11
    MFR Part #SF1100 | ASF11000 | SF11004 | SF11005

    Sound Forge Pro is advanced audio waveform editing software for state of the art sound design. More

    Starting at: $179.95

  5. MAGIX
    Part #SAMSM200
    MFR Part #SAMSM200

    Audio Master Suite Mac More

    Starting at: $359.95

  6. MAGIX
    Part #SONYMSMST13000
    MFR Part #SMST13099ESD | ASMST13099ESD

    Movie Vegas Studio 13 Suite: With the Suite, implement your video ideas in premium quality with HD video editing, DVD and Blu-ray creation, music software, exclusive special effects and more! More

    Starting at: $62.95

  7. MAGIX
    Part #SONYMSFS10000
    MFR Part #MSFS10000 |

    Sound Forge™ Audio Studio is perfect for recording, editing, and energizing music and sound. More

    Starting at: $26.95

  8. MAGIX
    Part #SDVDA6099ESD
    MFR Part #SDVDA6099ESD

    Experience high-quality, professional disc authoring with DVD Architect™ Pro. Its clean, drag-and-drop interface, powerful layout, and incredible authoring tools make it easy to develop dynamic menu-based Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD projects. More

    MSRP: $199.95
  9. MAGIX
    Part #VEGASMS
    MFR Part #MSMS13000 | MASMS13000

    VEGAS Movie Studio 13. Experience the fun in video editing. Thanks to its intuitive tools, Movie Studio is perfect for beginners. More

    Starting at: $22.45

  10. MAGIX
    Part #SAMS200
    MFR Part #SAMS200 | ASAMS1000 | SAMS1004

    Audio Master Suite for Waveform and Spectral Editing More

    Starting at: $269.95

  11. MAGIX

    Sound Forge Pro Mac 2 More

    Starting at: $134.95

  12. MAGIX
    Part #SVPA2000
    MFR Part #SVPA2000

    Production Assistant 2 plug-in enhances the functionality of Vegas Pro software with a set of batch processing and workflow automation tools. More

    MSRP: $169.95
  13. MAGIX
    Part #SPL300
    MFR Part #SPL300

    Advanced Audio Spectrum Editor. In SpectraLayers Pro 3, you can work with the individual sounds in an audio file just as if they were objects in a photograph. More

    MSRP: $399.95

    Starting at: $359.95

  14. MAGIX
    Part #SONYCDR5200
    MFR Part #SONYCDR5200

    CD Architect 5.2 More

    MSRP: $99.95

    Starting at: $67.45

  15. MAGIX
    Part #ACIDPRO
    MFR Part #SAC7099ESD | ASAC7000 | SAC7004 | SAC7005

    Magix ACID Pro 7 software is a DAW (digital audio workstation) powerhouse that combines full multitrack recording and mixing, complete MIDI sequencing, and legendary loop manipulation for seamless music creation and post production. More

    MSRP: $149.95

    Starting at: $67.46