Fix troubled audio with unprecedented power and precision using our audio repair and restoration software.

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  1. iZotope
    MFR Part #10-RX6 | 70-RX6UP | 70-RX6UPRXE_RXPIP | 70-RX6_XG

    iZotope's RX 6 Standard is a comprehensive audio repair and noise reduction toolkit with a standalone application with powerful spectral editing capabilities and realtime plug-ins. More

    Starting at: $199.00

  2. iZotope
    MFR Part #30-RXPIP

    This kit of four essential audio repair plug-ins — De-click, De-hum, De-clip, and Dialogue De-noise — is curated directly from iZotope’s award-winning RX software.


    MSRP: $129
  3. iZotope
    MFR Part #10-RX6ADV | 70-RX6ADVUP | 70-RX6ADVUPA

    iZotope's RX 6 Advanced is a complete audio repair, noise reduction, and dialogue editing toolkit featuring revolutionary repair tools like lav mic rustle removal and dialogue isolation, developed with machine learning. More

    Starting at: $399.00