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  1. Datavideo
    Part #TLM170
    MFR Part #TLM170

    17" TFT LCD Monitor (fixed version) More

    MSRP: $1500
  2. Datavideo
    Part #TLM700
    MFR Part #TLM-700

    7 Inch 16:9 Wide Screen video monitor with adjustment for Brightness, Contrast, Colour & Tint (NTSC only). More

    MSRP: $450
  3. Datavideo
    Part #TLM702HD
    MFR Part #TLM-702HD

    Datavideo TLM702HD is a dual 7 Inch LCD TFT broadcast monitor bank in a standard 19" 3U rack-mountable design, with a wide range of both High Definition and Standard Definition connections. More

    MSRP: $1800
  4. Datavideo
    Part #TLM702
    MFR Part #TLM-702

    TLM702 2 x7 Inch 16:9 Wide Screen broadcast monitors with adjustment for Brightness, Contrast, Colour & Tint (NTSC only). More

    MSRP: $850
  5. Datavideo
    Part #TLM434H
    MFR Part #TLM-434H

    TLM434H Built within a robust steel and aluminium 19 inch rack-mountable design, this bank of both HD & SD 4.3-inch (16:9 and 4:3) high quality TFT LCD video monitors is perfect for integration. More

    MSRP: $2500
  6. Datavideo
    Part #TLM433GROUP

    TLM433 19" Rack Mountable Bank of 3 x 4.3" LCD Broadcast Monitors. Robust steel and aluminium construction. Bundle includes RKM-3N3 holder and 2 of the TLM-433 Units. More

    Starting at: $1,000.00

  7. Datavideo
    Part #TLM170P
    MFR Part #TLM-170P

    The Datavideo TLM170P is a 17.3” desktop video monitor that delivers superb FULL HD 1080P image quality from various inputs including 3G-SDI. More

    MSRP: $2000
  8. Datavideo
    Part #TLM170GGROUP

    Datavideo’s TLM170 Series is offered in 3 styles, the desktop 170G, the 1RU rack pull-out 170GM, and the 7RU rack face-mounted 170GR. All the monitors offer a crisp, clear 17.3″ display suitable for use both outside and inside the studio. More

    Starting at: $1,500.00

  9. Datavideo
    Part #TLM170HM
    MFR Part #TLM-170HM

    Datavideo TLM170HM 17" LCD Monitor with HD/SD-SDI More

    MSRP: $1850
  10. Datavideo
    Part #TLM700HDGROUP

    The Datavideo TLM700HD is a 7 Inch broadcast monitor with a range of both High definition and standard definition connections including HD & SD-SDI, HD & SD YUV, HDMI & Composite Video Inputs. More

    Starting at: $800.00