Paralinx Tomahawk 1:2 Deluxe Packages
Paralinx Tomahawk 1:2 Deluxe Packages Close up


Product Name Price Qty
Paralinx Tomahawk2 2000ft SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Deluxe Package with 1x Receiver Gold Mount
MPN: 10-1285-G
MSRP: $8319
Paralinx Tomahawk2 2000ft SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Deluxe Package with 1x Receiver V-Mount
SKU: THAWK2-1285-V
MPN: 10-1285-V
MSRP: $8319
Paralinx Tomahawk2 HDMI/SDI 1:2 Deluxe Package (Gold-Mount)
MPN: 10-1286-G
MSRP: $11999
Paralinx Tomahawk SDI/HDMI 1:2 Deluxe Package (V-Mount)
MPN: 10-1286-V
MSRP: $11999

All your Tomahawk gear in one convenient package. This package includes 1 Tomahawk transmitter (choose SDI or HDMI input), 2 Tomahawk receivers (each with dual-SDI outputs), 1 Array panel antenna (choose Gold-Mount or V-Mount), 2 Perch mounting brackets for the receivers, 2 female battery plates for powering the receivers (choose Gold-Mount or V-Mount), 2 male battery plates for pass-through power and attaching the Array (choose Gold-Mount or V-Mount), 1 Sidearm mounting bracket for the transmitter, 3 PTap to Lemo power cables, 1 Lemo to Lemo power cable, and a Custom Pelican 1550 Case that holds up to 2 transmitters, 3 receivers, 2 Array panel antennas, and accessories.

A savings of $587.35 when compared to buying all items separately!

In the box:

  • 1 x Paralinx Tomahawk transmitter (SDI or HDMI)
  • 2 x Paralinx Tomahawk receivers
  • 3 x 18" PTap to Lemo Cables (45cm)
  • 1 x 24" 2-pin Lemo-type to 2-pin Lemo-type Cable (60cm)
  • 2 x 18" Right-Angle to Right-Angle BNC Cables (45cm)
  • 1 x Paralinx Sidearm transmitter mounting bracket
  • 2 x Paralinx Perch receiver mounting brackets
  • 1 x Paralinx Array MIMO panel antenna for receiver (Gold-Mount or V-Mount)
  • 5 x Type-N to RP-SMA Cables for use with Array
  • 2 x Battery Plate (female) for powering each receiver (Gold-Mount or V-Mount)
  • 2 x Battery Plate (male) for mounting Array to receiver (Gold-Mount or V-Mount)
  • 2 x Standard 5dbi Antennas for transmitter
  • 10 x Standard 2dbi Antennas for receivers
  • 2 x AC Adapters for receivers
  • 1 x IR Cable and Remote for menu access
  • 1 x Mini-USB to USB Cable (for future firmware updates)
  • 1 x Custom Pelican 1550 Case (holds 2 Tx, 3 Rx, 2 Arrays, accessories)

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