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MFR Part # FG-001258-R001

Bigger. Bolder. Broader Reach.Now your sports shows can be everything you imagined. Thrill your clients, fans and sponsors. Now sports producers at all budget levels can produce sports shows that look like the national networks. NewTek solutions off More
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Bigger. Bolder. Broader Reach.
Now your sports shows can be everything you imagined.

Thrill your clients, fans and sponsors. Now sports producers at all budget levels can produce sports shows that look like the national networks.
NewTek solutions offer complete multi-camera production systems with video mixing, amazing graphics, replay effects, live streaming, social media publishing, virtual sets, and much more. Break ahead of your competition with TriCaster and 3Play.

You don’t have to be a video expert to work like one. With TriCaster Mini CS, you have hands-on control of every show you make with TriCaster Mini. Featuring an attractive, compact design and responsive controls, it’s the ideal way to produce a show with professional results…from the office, an event, or anywhere.

  • Professional, studio-style workflow for live video productions of any size
  • Intuitive control layout mapped to the TriCaster Mini Live Desktop
  • Faster, more accurate interaction than point and click
  • Large, backlit buttons and premium T-Bar for confident, comfortable performance
  • Simple plug-and-play setup

If you have ever wanted to create and publish video, stream live to the Web, or make even the smallest presentation look like network Television—then you are going to love TriCaster Mini. 

Whether you are new to video, adding or expanding media production activities, or searching for a practical way to produce a multi-camera video program, no other solution will get you where you want to be like TriCaster Mini. From the streamlined design to the familiar cable connections, getting your content online and in front of your audience so beautifully has never been faster or easier.

But don’t let the size and simplicity fool you. TriCaster Mini delivers the power, performance and professional-quality results that NewTek is known for and that you won’t get anywhere else.

What are you waiting for? Go make your show

It’s For Everyone
You don’t have to be a video expert, own a studio or expensive broadcast 
cameras, or know your way around professional video production 

  • Use everyday camcorders with plug-and-play ease
  • Software interface for any level of experience to get started and explore 
  • Straightforward controls to start creating video immediately
  • Room to learn, grow and evolve your show with hundreds of built-in capabilities

It’s Easy to Set Up
The do-it-yourself setup of TriCaster Mini is as simple as setting up a game 
console, or home media center.

  • All-in-one design with the same plugs and ports you know from your 
    home electronics
  • No complicated software installation or hardware configuration
  • Ready to go live right out the box

It Has Everything You Need to Create
The most-complete creative toolset available lets you create and deliver amazing presentations to screens and audiences of all sizes.

  • Switch cameras, build video playlists, add graphics and titles, mix audio, 
    and dazzle with effects like virtual sets and animated transitions
  • Network with computers and wireless iOS devices for presentations and 
    screen sharing
  • Stream to the Web, record for on-demand viewing, and publish in real time to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

It Goes Anywhere
Save space and travel light with the 
smallest TriCaster ever.

  • Compact design sized just right for any 
    office, event space, or desktop
  • Lightweight and portable for making 
    your show on the go
Why 3Play Mini?

It Goes Anywhere 

  • Compact design fits in a backpack
  • Minimal footprint
  • Carry-anywhere lightweight package

Quick Set-Up

  • No difficult software or hardware to install
  • One-person set-up
  • Start producing right out of the box

Everything You Need

  • Switch cameras live and tag highlights
  • Customizable graphics and overlays
  • Record, edit, and share in real time
  • Built-in preview screen

Create audience-engaging coverage with a multi-camera replay and slow-motion system that fits in a backpack and captures all the action, wherever it’s happening. With 3Play Mini, home court advantage is yours!Sports video producers can deliver a top-level fan experience from any location with the ultra-portable 3Play Mini. With instant replay, hi-resolution slow motion replay, transitions, high-end graphics, and more, the 3Play Mini live sports production suite is as powerful as it is portable.

  • Produce instant replays, super-resolution slow motion, highlights, and more
  • Add pro-level transitions and graphics into your programs
  • Do much more than expensive replay systems for a fraction of the price—and size
  • Plug into a switcher or video board and serve up every angle of excitement
  • Control via a Web browser—just use a mobile device; no bulky hardware controller or additional cabling to pack
  • Save time with a quick and easy set up
  • Hand-carry size makes even the smallest or most extreme venues accessible

Don’t be constrained to a rack, booth, or truck. 3Play Mini gives you dozens of fan-favorite tools you can carry anywhere in one small solution. Plug in a few cameras, feed into a switcher or a video board, and you’re ready to produce championship-level productions in just moments.

  • Capture the game’s greatest moments with slow motion, replay, and multi-angle camera switching
  • With a Web-based control UI that you can access from any mobile device, keep your footprint small and your workflow fluid.
  • ISO recording captures all angles for instant replay and saves them for real-time highlights editing or postproduction of later shows
  • Clip, store, tag, and edit plays while recording live action
  • Add graphics with names, scores, sponsor logos, and more without adding hardware
  • Reach more fans with instant social sharing
  • Monitor the live output with confidence on a built-in 7-inch LCD screen
  • Cover more games with a solution that can be operated by a stringer
  • Small size, easy-to-carry shape, and quick setup

Keep spectators excited about coming to your games—or watching them on screen. 3Play Mini is your all-access pass into tight, remote locations to bring the action to your fans, keep them engaged, and build loyalty with every production.

  • Plug in a few HD cameras to capture all the angles
  • Reduce equipment and setup time with video and audio on the same cable
  • Output to a switcher or video board to bring fans close to the action
  • Produce game-winning sports media with a complete creative toolset—graphics, camera switching, audio, and special effects
  • Set your show apart by including super-resolution slow motion, custom 3D graphics, stingers, and overlays
  • Grow your fan-base with the ability to instantly share clips to social media
  • Use just the tools you want or use the total package to take your productions to the extreme
  • Get out there! And carry 3Play Mini with you anywhere.
  • Replay Desktop
    Provides complete control over recording, playback, and publishing operations.
  • Live Cameras
    Connect up to 4 HDMI cameras or video sources, with automatic detection of resolution and frame rate for simple setup.
  • Live Desktop Monitors
    View the action from every angle in real time using the built-in multiviewer.
  • Output Monitors
    Output video from live cameras, Clips List, or Play List to upstream switcher or display using one or both playout channels.
  • Grab
    Capture full-resolution freeze frames of the action, then post to social media using the built-in publishing app.
  • Record Button
    Record video from all four cameras simultaneously for instant replay and archive.
  • Overlays
    Layer titles, graphics, video, or other visuals over live action or replays.
  • FastClip Window
    Manage media assets, input and edit descriptions, search, filter, and categorize clips, and more.
  • Transitions
    Use animated effects to transition between A and B playout channels in real time.
  • Clips List
    Manage all marked events and clips for playback.
  • Play List
    Build highlight reels with transitions and background music for playback and export.
  • Tags
    Create a custom code system to label clips with just a few quick keystrokes.
  • In Depth


    Redundant Capture Mode*
    3Play 4800 optionally allows 4-channel redundant recording to protect critical footage and speed up turnaround time for post-production workflows. With Redundant Mode enabled, 3Play 4800 delivers up to four primary recordings, each with its own duplicate recording backed up to a secondary drive.
    *Available only with 3Play 4800

    Automatic Replay Recording
    Forget to press record? No problem. When you set your first Mark In or Mark Out point, 3Play automatically triggers the Record button to capture incoming video signals.

    Synchronized, Continuous Capture
    When you press the Record button, configured sources are continuously captured and stored until you manually deactivate recording. Freely focus on 3Play's other functions without interrupting capture.

    Multi-Channel Recording
    3Play simultaneously records multiple channels of video at native resolution. Capture every angle of live action for instant replay, playback, or archive.



    Simultaneous HD/SD Output
    Record and playback content in HD and SD simultaneously, with configurable output resolutions.

    Display Output
    Supply an output signal from your production to a projector, scaling system, or display to present to an in-house or local audience.

    Interpolated Slow Motion
    Amplify the intensity of highlights or analyze the action frame by frame with smooth, interpolated slow motion. Replay the action at half-speed, quarter-speed, and more with incredible clarity and detail.

    Multi-Speed Playback
    Choose to replay captured clips or roll imported media in real time or at variable speeds. Show the action again at game speed, or alter the playback rate for dramatic emphasis.

    List Playback
    Choose and compile clips for sequenced playback. Create highlight reels or build blocks of content, then hit play to roll from one clip to the next automatically.

    Clip Playback
    Capture and mark live action as 3Play events, then replay clips from multiple angles. You can also import clips and operate 3Play as a media server.

    Delayed Output
    Once you begin recording, you can initiate playback whenever you like. Output recorded video seconds, minutes, even hours after recording starts.

    Live Output
    Send any incoming video signal directly to one or both output channels to supply a live feed to downstream displays or production systems.

    Dual Playout Channels
    3Play provides two fully independent, simultaneous playout channels for output, each capable of supplying a live feed or playback of recorded content to a downstream display or production system. It's like having two playback devices in one.



    MIDI Support*
    Make automation of your production even easier or breakout control tasks to additional crew with 3Play's extensive MIDI support. Add one or any number of MIDI devices that fit your application and budget, assign macros to controller buttons, and provide dedicated control over 3Play operations—even combining commands with a TriCaster™ on the network or meshing them with other live elements like sound, lighting, effects, and more.
    *Not Available on 3Play 425

    Make commonly used series of commands automatic, or just simplify complex ones. Record any sequence of operations as a macro event, then trigger with a mouse click, keystroke, or MIDI button press.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Control Surface*
    Take a hands-on approach to 3Play operation. More intuitively and accessibly tap into all the capabilities the system has to offer with the companion control surface.
    *Compatible hardware control surfaces for 3Play Mini and 3Play 425 sold separately

    Transport Controls
    3Play's fundamental playback controls to stop, play, cycle, and scrub through clips let you navigate through your stored media with ease.



    Highlight Reel Creation
    Build and organize clip sequences in real time using the Play List. Configure audio settings and playback speed for each clip selected, add transitions, then select a background music track—and you have a highlight reel that's ready for in-show playback or export for later use.

    Multi-Angle Clip Preview*
    In addition to monitoring all incoming live feeds, you can preview every angle of recorded clips simultaneously with 3Play 4800 and 3Play 440. Simply turn on the embedded clip monitors and preview stored footage in the user interface, multi-view display, or both.
    *Not available on 3Play Mini or 3Play 425

    Program-Preview Workflow*
    Use 3Play's dual playout channels in tandem to enable switcher-style operation—cueing and preparing content on one channel, outputting the other, and using your choice of effects to transition between the two—to simplify your workflow or enhance production value.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Signal Processing
    Go end-to-end with zero signal degradation. 3Play processes signals at their native resolution, meaning no in-between down conversion or up conversion that can affect image quality.

    Session Format Support
    3Play supports live production in all industry-standard interlaced and progressive scan formats up to 1080p, with a variety of frame rates to choose from.

    Multi-View Monitoring
    Observe all incoming camera feeds and playout signals without an expensive, space-eating bank of monitors. You can even customize your screen layout to align with your preferred view of the action.

    Visual Indicators
    Real-time feedback in the form of color-coded visual indicators provides live cues while a production is in progress. Easily see the cameras currently recording, audio levels of incoming signals, clips currently displayed, and more.

    Event Marking
    Start and end events and clips at the exact frame you want with pinpoint Mark In and Mark Out controls. Each marked segment enters the Clips List as an event, a collection of the actively recording camera angles, and becomes available for playback.


    Asset Management

    Mark key points in clips using the timecode bookmark system. Bookmarks are marked independently of In and Out points, so your original clip remains intact as you create specific points to jump to in the recorded video.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    MAM Platform Integration*
    Integrate 3Play with supported Media Asset Management (MAM) platforms, including axle Gear and Square Box Systems CatDV, to optimize any facility or workflow with dependencies on shared use and management of stored media assets.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Tagging Engine*
    Create your own coding system for instant metadata entry using the intelligent tagging engine. Assign keywords to teams, players, and more, then log clips with just a couple of clicks or button taps to stay organized and on top of the action.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Event Filtering
    Search for and filter clips by metadata descriptions to quickly and easily find the assets you're looking for. Simply enter keywords, and 3Play will display only the events with matching text.

    Enter custom descriptions for each clip to easily identify, organize, and manage 3Play assets.

    List Organization
    Organize all of your recorded content and stored media across multiple pages in both the Clips List and Play List, arranging assets by team, player, play type, time period, and more.



    Production Clocks
    Keep tabs on production time with a primary clock matched to the current timecode, as well as a secondary clock matched to the custom-configured Start or End time, and hit every mark your show needs to hit.

    Play List Export
    Build a sequence of clips or a highlight reel in the Play List, then render as a single file available for playback from the Clips List and export for transfer or archive.

    Media Export
    Optimize stored media files for virtually any post-production purpose, with a versatile Export Media module that converts files into the most appropriate format or formats for their next destination.

    Media Import
    The Import Media module enables batch import of files with optional transcoding, and automatically categorizes and distributes incoming files to the appropriate locations for production use. All media formats apply. 3Play will play them.

    Media Browser
    Use this familiar interface to navigate through stored media files, with intuitive organization and filtering for efficient, effortless asset retrieval.

    Channel Info
    View critical information about the signal currently assigned to the output channels, including the control mode, timecode, playback speed, and more.

    Scrub through and sequence recorded files quickly and easily with embedded timecode. 3Play can generate a local timecode from the internal system clock or support an external linear timecode (LTC) reference.*
    *LTC timecode reference not supported by 3Play Mini



    Session Templates*
    Set up and store session settings in reusable templates to jump right to your custom configuration during pre-show activities.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Automatic Color Correction*
    Manually adjust additional characteristics of incoming signals connected to 3Play with advanced color correction and shading—or enable automatic adjustments to video inputs, matching color characteristics to a specific camera or mean characteristics of all incoming signals.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Proc Amp Controls
    Make subpar sources look better—and all of them perfectly consistent. Adjust color characteristics and levels for input sources, including brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation, as well as white balance settings, to perform a quick-fix for visuals and boost the look of your camera angles.

    Recording Configuration
    Freely choose the destination drive for each active recording and other assets associated with your 3Play session.

    Per-Asset Configuration
    Fine-tuning at your fingertips. Freely configure input connection types and names, audio settings, color correction, clip settings, and more to your specifications. 3Play's configuration options are extensive, easy to use, and customizable to your particular needs.



    Program-Preview Transitions*
    Operate the A and B output channels like a video mixer, cutting and transitioning between the two creatively, with hundreds of industry-standard wipes, dissolves, DVE effects, and more.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Warping Effects
    Add another dimension to animated transitions with imaginative effects, like real-time cloth dynamics, 3D warping, and transformations, to create a visual that will leave your audience in awe—and others wondering how you did it.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Animated Transitions*
    Raise production values beyond any standard replay system, with custom-created Animation Store Transitions. Embed your logo or signature visuals into transitions via full-color animated overlays, along with individual sounds for transitioning in and out.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Access additional pre-produced video, motion graphics, titles, bugs, and animated effects instantly, and enhance the production value of live and recorded content. Watch folder functionality even enables remote, real-time updating of buffers over a local network.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Real-Time Layering*
    Apply titles, graphics, and animations to live output and video playback, layer one playback angle over another for picture-in-picture replay, or capture the game clock and layer over playback for official review.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Play List Transitions
    Roll from clip to clip in the Play List using hard cuts, or include transitions between clips for added effect.



    Audio Configuration
    Each 3Play video input supports independent configuration of the audio channel and audio input type for the simultaneously recorded sound, enabling you to standardize the audio between recordings or pair an audio source with a specific input for capture.

    Mix-and-Match Audio Inputs
    Use every digital or analog audio device within reach to capture nat sound, commentary, and more. 3Play accepts any combination of supported audio connections for flexible setup and top-quality sound.


    Still Grab*
    Capture freeze frames of the action from every angle simultaneously. Still images can be saved for later use or published in real time to supported storage locations and social media platforms.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Network Source Support*
    Connect 3Play to a local network and tap into a variety of compatible devices for supplemental production content—even selecting from multiple connected sources while live.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    File Format Support
    Add media of virtually any file format to the Clips List or Play List for playback and intermix with captured footage for content variety.

    Background Music for Highlights
    Import an MP3 or WAV file of your favorite music bed or song, apply it to your Play List, and pump up your highlight reels with a background audio track.

    Media Playback
    Load and playback both long- and short-form video clips, pre-produced video packages, and motion graphics with support for an extensive range of file formats to work with essentially any media asset.



    Turnkey Solution
    Everything you need to make professional-looking live sports coverage: multi-camera live video, multi-channel recording, instant replay with interpolated slow motion, in-game highlights, and more built into one compact frame without all of the additional setup time, complex cabling, and cost.

    Router Support*
    Scale your production to accommodate higher camera counts, flex from project to project, or simply integrate into an existing infrastructure with external video router support. Access and control upstream video routers right from the user interface, including models from Blackmagic Design, AJA, Miranda, Ensemble Designs, Utah Scientific, and brands supporting Grass Valley Native Protocol (GVNP).
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    AMP Support*
    3Play provides for seamless integration with third-party products supporting Advanced Media Protocol (AMP), enabling compatible systems to issue commands to 3Play for more fluid and sophisticated workflows.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Scoreboard Data Feed*
    Feed real-time scoreboard information into on-screen graphics. 3Play's network sources support data feeds from compatible scoreboards through NewTek's LiveText companion software and developer network solutions over the local network, enabling display of the score, game clock, and other statistical information.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Display Ports*
    Dual VGA display ports supply auxiliary output feeds to local monitors or projectors, expanding user workspace and on-site viewing options.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Backup and Restore*
    Run your production operation with a safety net. Easily restore factory defaults, or create a bootable clone of 3Play's system drive on another hard drive inserted into one of the removable drive bays or connected externally.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Removable Storage*
    When marathon recording is a must, take advantage of a surplus of recording capacity with 3Play's removable drive bays. Extend the base recording capacity even further by swapping out the included drives for fresh storage as needed.
    *Not available on 3Play Mini

    Rackmount Form Factor*
    Industry-standard 2U and 4U rackmount chassis mean you can install 3Play into any production environment with ease. Slide 3Play into the rack to replace racks of other equipment or to work alongside your current workflow.
    *Not applicable to 3Play Mini

    Synchronize 3Play with other equipment in the video chain using the genlock connection on the rear panel and HD or SD reference signals.
    *Not available on 3Play Mini

    Mult-Tiered Fail-Safe
    For added protection and safeguarding, 3Play includes multiple "Always on Air" features that create a multi-tiered redundant fail-safe system that keeps your live production in tip-top shape, with minimal disruption even in the face of catastrophe.

    Mix-and-Match Video Inputs
    Go with new video cameras and get the most out of your existing inventory. Each 3Play supports HD and SD digital cameras, with resolutions and frame rates freely configurable for each live video input.



    Social Media Share Panel*
    Take over second and third screens with built-in social media sharing. Real-time publishing instantly links you with all of your social networks—like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—so you can share, distribute, and engage instantly, even when you don't have a dedicated social media producer on site.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    FTP & File Copy*
    Duplicate and transfer saved files and recordings for internal and external distribution, getting content to the people that need it, quickly and efficiently.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    Clip Publishing*
    Prepare recorded files for publishing, marking in and out points on the frames of preference, then upload to the desired destination for internal use or external viewing.
    *Not available on 3Play 425


    Total Solution

    Cross-Platform Control*
    Connect TriCaster and 3Play to the same local network to enable remote operation of 3Play clip cueing and playback from the TriCaster interface, and consolidate control by combining macro commands that trigger operations across both platforms.
    *Not available on 3Play 425

    SDK Program and Developer Network
    Create a live sports production ecosystem around 3Play, thanks to a growing list of organizations and developers using NewTek's SDK program to produce partner solutions. Developed specifically for NewTek products, these partner solutions can help you create more efficient and compelling workflows.

    Updates, Upgrades, and Trade-Ups
    3Play systems incorporate a "check for updates" function to ensure your system has the most current support. In addition, NewTek provides highly competitive upgrade pricing and the most generous trade-up offers available.

    Network Output to TriCaster
    Supply 3Play output feeds over the network to TriCaster. When connected to the same local network, TriCaster recognizes 3Play and can accept the output signals as live sources through the network inputs.

    Tricaster Mini HD-4i

    Intergration Features
    HDMI Connectivity Plug-and-play input of up to four, everyday HDMI camcorders to produce
    live video with professional-quality results.
    Network In Access virtually limitless video sources and content applications from 2 live
    network inputs, with the ability to connect to networked computers, iOS
    devices, cloud-based media, IP cameras, streaming servers and more
    Audio Mixer Full-featured audio mixing, with sophisticated routing, customization, control
    and flexibility—and without the investment in scores of external hardware.
    Creative Tools
    4 M/E Banks Expand creative possibilities for your production. In Mix mode, M/Es can use
    program/preview transitions and overlay to create full-featured sub-mixes. In
    Effect mode, create multiple video layers for real-time compositing, or
    transform your green screen setup into an elaborate virtual set.
    Network In The most powerful integrated effects engine available in live production
    delivers full-color, animated transitions with alpha channel and embedded
    audio, real-time cloth dynamics, 3D video warping, and transformations with
    TransWarp effects and motion overlays.
    Virtual Sets Next-generation virtual sets, complete with pan and scan shot framing,
    animated virtual camera moves and customizable presets, for studio-style
    presentation and on-the-fly adjustments—without touching the live camera.
    Holographic Virtual Sets Next-generation virtual sets, complete with pan and scan shot framing,
    animated virtual camera moves and customizable presets, for studio-style
    presentation and on-the-fly adjustments—without touching the live camera.
    Buffers Access up to 15 additional graphics and title sources – instantly – during live
    production, with integrated multiviewer, title editing and presets. Buffers are also shareable across the network for watch folder application (real-time edit and update of content).
    Versatile Output
    Social Media Publishing Real-time publishing links you with your social networks – like Facebook,
    Twitter, and YouTube – so you can share, distribute, and engage instantly.
    FTP & File Copy Duplicate and transfer saved files and recordings for internal and external
    Live Streaming Encode and broadcast A/V output to the Web during production, with CDN
    presets and one-button live streaming.
    Recording Capture full-length live production, source footage, or clips for live playback
    at full resolution, replacing decks or media servers dedicated to recording.
    Network Out Send an A/V output signal over the network to another TriCaster or
    supported third-party applications for display, rebroadcast or encoding.
    16-Channel Switcher 16 switcher channels with 6 external sources, 6 internal sources, and 4 M/E
    Macros Make commonly used series of commands automatic, or just simplify
    complex ones. Record any sequence of operations as a macro event, then
    trigger with a mouse click, keystroke, control surface action, MIDI button or
    gesture-based onscreen hotspots.
    Flexible Control Breakout live production control to any number of supported devices,
    including TriCaster control surfaces, Avid Artist Mix audio consoles, MIDI
    controllers (including smart devices with MIDI apps)—and let talent trigger
    automated sequences with on-camera hot spots.
    Hot Spots Turn on-screen areas into interactive controls and let your talent trigger
    macros with live motion - even run your one-person show from in front of the
    camera. A wave of a hand or a walk to a mark, and the next action sequence
    happens automatically.
    Remote Camera Control Control robotic PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras directly from the User Interface,
    including camera orientation, zoom, focus and iris, plus position presets with
    thumbnail preview to set up shots remotely and change angles on the fly.
    Video & Audio
    Video Input Plug-and-play input of up to 4 HDMI camcorders
    Network Inputs Choose 2 live sources from any number of supported devices on the same
    network, including computers, wireless Apple® AirPlay® devices, USB
    webcams, and more
    Audio Inputs Embedded audio from 4 HDMI inputs, plus 1/4” jacks for a microphone and
    stereo audio mixer
    Video Outputs Deliver to 4 different screens with 2 HDMI outputs, plus video-only HDMI and
    DVI display ports
    Network Outputs Ethernet port for HD streaming live to the Web, publishing to social media
    platforms, distributing content to servers and storage locations, and output to
    other TriCaster systems
    Audio Outputs Embedded audio from 2 HDMI outputs, plus 1/4” jacks for stereo output and
    Video Resolutions NTSC: 1080/30p, 1080/24p, 1080/60i, 720/60p, 720/30p, 720/24p, 480/60i
    (Multi-Standard also includes: NTSC-J 1080/30p, 1080/24p, 1080/60i,
    720/60p, 720/30p, 720/24p, 480/60i; and PAL 1080/25p, 1080/24p, 1080/50i,
    720/50p, 720/25p, 720/24p, 576/25i)
    Video Switching 16-channel video mixer with 2 overlay channels for mixing sources and
    creating multi-layer compositions
    Audio Mixing Multi-channel software audio mixer for managing camera audio plus internal
    and external audio sources, outputs, recorded audio, stream audio, and
    Multimedia 5 digital media players for video, graphics and sounds, plus 15 buffers for still
    images and titles
    Mix Effects 4 M/E channels, each with independent switcher and key layer, for advanced
    video mixing, compositing, effects and virtual sets
    Transitions & FX Built-in effects engine for transitions, animation stores, and real-time 3D video
    warping, plus included Animation Store Creator for custom effects
    Virtual Sets 30+ HD live virtual sets with multiple camera angles, shot presets, realistic
    virtual camera movements, and real-time reflections, plus support for custom
    holographic virtual sets
    Macros Record your favorite go-to settings, commands, or operation sequences, then
    create custom one-step shortcuts to simplify or automate control
    Tricaster Mini Specs
    Switcher Channels 16 – 6 external, 6 internal, 4 M/E buses
    Video Input

    4 simultaneous live video sources over HDMI, with per-input auto-detection of format, resolution, and frame rate

    • Per-input scaler (including 3:2 intelligent pull-down) and frame synchronizer enabling
      intermixing of formats
    • Per-input color correction, crop and LiveMatte keyer controls
    • Support for Key + Fill input pairing
    Network Sources

    2 live inputs via Gigabit connection, selectable from any available network sources with support for video, audio and alpha channel

    • Supported sources include networked computers via included NewTek iVGA client
      application; wireless Apple® AirPlay® devices; TriCaster 8000, 860, 460, 410 or Mini;
      3Play 4800, 440 or 425; USB video sources; video over IP sources; RTMP or RTSP
      streams; HTTP streaming video sources; and a variety of third-party partner solutions
    Robotic Camera Support A Access up to 4 live Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) robotic cameras via standard serial and network
    protocols, with native preset system and user interface control over camera orientation, zoom,
    focus and iris
    Media 5 integrated digital media sources for video, graphics and sounds (2 DDRs, 2 GFX and Sound) + 15 buffers

    15 still & title buffers, with multiviewer, title editing and presets

    • Shareable across a network for watch folder application, with real-time edit and update
      of content
    Mix/Effect Buses (M/E)

    4 freely configurable M/E channels for video mixing, compositing, effects and virtual sets, each
    supporting independent Key layer, TransWarp effects, and Adobe® Photoshop® blending mode effects

    • Mix mode: Enables secondary switcher operation for output, submix or recording, with
      Program/Preview workflow and transitions
    • Effects mode: Enables multi-layer compositing, effects generation and virtual set
      application, with per-source 3D DVE, scaling, cropping and keying

    Record configurations and operation sequences, then attach to keyboard shortcuts, control
    surface actions, MIDI controllers, or on-screen hotspots for recall and automation Macro editor for modifying user-defined macro configurations and sequences

    • Augment and extend TriCaster operation using macro plug-ins to control external
      devices and applications
    • Enable cross-platform commands and automation between TriCaster and 3Play
    DSKs 2 primary DSK channels, plus 1 additional Key layer per M/E bus, each with independent
    transition controls, 3D DVE, scaling, cropping and integrated TransWarp effects
    Effects and Transitions

    Integrated TransWarp effects engine on all effects channels supports standard transitions,
    customizable animation store transitions with audio, and overlay effects

    • Animation Store Creator for custom animations
    • Supports per-pixel alpha blending between sources and real-time 3D warping of video
      or graphic
    Virtual Sets

    Integrated TransWarp effects engine on all effects channels supports standard transitions,
    customizable animation store transitions with audio, and overlay effects

    • Animation Store Creator for custom animations
    • Supports per-pixel alpha blending between sources and real-time 3D warping of video
      or graphic
    Holographic Live Virtual

    Support for custom virtual environments generated from panoramic smartphone, camera or
    DSLR images

    • Select sets included; custom sets require Virtual Set Editor 2.5
    Hotspots Up to 8 freely configurable, interactive hotspots per input for macro control
    Video Output

    Configurable for up to 6 output connections (plus Case Display), with support for key output and per-connection signal settings

    • 2 x HDMI (primary)
    • 1 x DVI and 1 x HDMI (video only) display ports for additional displays or projectors
    • Network output for live streaming
    • A/V output to network-connected TriCaster over local network

    Multi-track, multi-format recording of up to 4 simultaneous channels via IsoCorder™ technology

    • Native recording in up to 1080p with timecode
    • Encoding format selectable from: QuickTime® (XDCAM HD compatible, 4:2:2 encoding,
      24-bit audio), MPEG-2 (high or normal profile), AVI (SpeedHQ), and H.264 (high or Web
    • Freely choose to add recordings to Publish queue and DDR destinations
    Recording Capacity*

    2 x 750GB internal drives accommodating a total of ~30 hours 1080i (varies by resolution and format; capacity expandable using additional supported storage)

    • Simultaneous recording of up to 4 channels (2 channels per drive) to included storage or
      other supported storage configurations
    • Supports shared storage integration via third-party partner solutions
    Grab Grab full resolution, de-fielded still images from Program output, and freely choose to add grabs to Publish queue, Media Player presets and Buffer destinations
    Media Publishing Supports direct content upload to YouTube™, Facebook, Twitter™, FTP, local or external
    volumes, and network servers
    Live Streaming

    HD live streaming with simultaneous archive

    • Presets in up to 720p, supporting most common streaming profiles and custom multi-bitrate streaming profiles, including RTMP streaming using H.264 (ex. Adobe® Flash® Media Server), Microsoft® Windows Media® Push/Pull, and browser-based streaming applications, with Ustream® and Livestream® native integrated support
    • Streaming Profile Manager with integrated Web browser
    Audio Inputs 4 HDMI Embedded
    1/4” Mono (Mic)
    1 x 2 Stereo 1/4” (Line)
    Audio Outputs 2 HDMI Embedded
    1 x 2 Stereo 1/4” (Line)
    1/4” Stereo (phones)
    Audio Mixing

    Integrated multi-channel audio mixer for internal and external audio sources, outputs, record, stream and headphones, with support for Master and Aux output mixes

    • Pan control, solo auditioning, seven-band equalizer and stereo compressor/limiter per
      input and output, with per-input audio delay control
    • Multi-bus routing of audio source channels to any combination of outputs, with
      independent level control over channels 1/2 and 3/4 for quad sources
    • Audio Follow Video system enabling audio to follow multiple video sources, with support
      for unlimited audio grouping combinations
    • Digital audio inputs equipped with audio time-base synchronizers
    • Supports companion iPad® audio mixing app and Avid® Artist Mix audio control surface
    Supported Session
    • NTSC model: 1080/30p, 1080/24p, 1080/60i, 720/60p, 720/30p, 720/24p, 480/60i
    • Multi-Standard model: NTSC 1080/30p, 1080/24p, 1080/60i, 720/60p, 720/30p,
      720/24p, 480/60i; NTSC-J 1080/30p, 1080/24p, 1080/60i, 720/60p, 720/30p, 720/24p,
      480/60i; PAL 1080/25p, 1080/24p, 1080/50i, 720/50p, 720/25p, 720/24p, 576/25i

    3Play Mini

    Video Inputs

    4 simultaneous live video sources over HDMI, with per-input auto-detection of format, resolution, and frame rate

    • Compatible with external video routers manufactured by AJA, Blackmagic Design, Ensemble Designs, Miranda, Utah Scientific, and brands supporting Grass Valley Native Protocol
    • Per-input scaler (including 3:2 intelligent pull-down) and frame synchronizer enabling intermixing of formats
    • Optionally enable automatic color correction and shading to dynamically match color characteristics between inputs
    Video Outputs

    2 fully independent HDMI playout channels

    • 1 x DVI and 1 x HDMI (video only) display ports for auxiliary monitoring or display, with independent color control
    • Ethernet connection for A/V output over a local network to TriCaster
    Output Modes

    A; B; A+B with transitions between playout channels


    Standalone recording of up to 4 simultaneous channels

    Recording Format

    Native recording up to 1080p resolution in high-quality QuickTime format (XDCAM HD compatible, 4:2:2 encoding, 24-bit audio)

    Recording Capacity

    2 x 750GB internal drives accommodating a total of ~30 hours 1080i (varies by resolution and format; capacity expandable using additional supported storage)

    • Simultaneous recording of up to 4 channels (2 channels per drive) to included storage or other supported storage configurations
    • Supports recording to external USB 3.0 storage and shared storage integration via third-party partner solutions

    Variable-speed playback from -200% to 200% via on-screen controls, companion Web CS, or optional hardware control surface


    Grab still images from output or all inputs and outputs

    Media Publishing

    Supports direct content upload to YouTube™, Facebook, Twitter™, FTP, local or external volumes, and network servers


    1 overlay per playout channel, with independent transition, positioning, scaling and cropping, and support for picture-in-picture layering of live camera, playback angle, game clock signal, and more

    Network Inputs

    2 live inputs for overlay application via Gigabit connection, selectable from any available network sources with support for video, audio, and alpha channel

    • Supported sources include networked computers via NewTek iVGA client application, wireless Apple® AirPlay® devices, NewTek LiveText™ remote titling software, and a variety of third-party partner solutions

    Content buffers to store and playback animations, still images, and graphics for overlay application

    • Shareable across network for watch folder application, with real-time edit and update of content
    Effects and Transitions

    Standard transitions and customizable animation store transitions supported for transitioning between playout channels and playlist clips

    • Animation Store Creator application included for custom transitions and effects
    • Integrated TransWarp effects engine supports per-pixel alpha blending between sources, real-time 3D warping of video or graphics, and embedded audio
    Asset Management
    • FastClip information window displays asset data and collects input from keyboard or optional control surface for data entry, editing, navigation, search, and management
    • Tags system to enter and organize metadata via user-defined codes, with support for Microsoft Excel list import
    • Bookmarks to define and transport to action points
    • Supports integration with external MAM platforms, including axle Gear and Square Box Systems CatDV
    Scoreboard Integration

    Display real-time scoreboard data in on-screen graphics over local network via NewTek LiveText or third-party partner solutions

    Live Desktop
    • Resizable, full field rate preview monitors for all live sources and playout channels, with optional overlays for audio VU meters and safe areas
    • Optionally display DSK monitors to preview overlay sources
    • Single or dual pane operation of Clips List and Playlist, with undo/redo commands

    Supported with 2nd display, including playback data

    Audio Inputs

    4 HDMI Embedded
    1 x 1/4” (6.35 mm) balanced mic
    2 x 1/4” (6.35 mm) balanced line

    Audio Outputs

    2 HDMI Embedded
    2 x 1/4” (6.35 mm) balanced line
    1/4” (6.35mm) stereo headphone jack

    Supported Session Formats
    • NTSC model: 1080/30p, 1080/60i, 720/60p, 720/30p, 480/60p
    • Multi-Standard model: NTSC 1080/30p, 1080/60i, 720/60p, 720/30p, 480/60p; NTSC-J 1080/30p, 1080/60i, 720/60p, 720/30p, 480/60p; PAL 1080/25p, 1080/50i, 720/50p, 720/25p, 576/50p
    Session Management

    Set up and store session settings in reusable template sessions


    Video: 4:4:4:4, 32-bit Floating Point
    Audio: 4 channels, 96kHz, 32-bit Floating Point

    Time Code

    Internal system clock

    Tally Display

    Supports tally display from NewTek TriCaster system (or other supported system via NewTek SDK) over local network


    Record commands and operation sequences for recall and automation using keyboard, mouse, or compatible control device supporting macro assignment

    • Macro editor for modifying user-defined macro configurations and sequences
    • Augment and extend 3Play operation using macro plug-ins to control external devices
    External Control
    • Companion Web CS supporting control via mouse or compatible touchscreen device
    • Support for standard MIDI protocol enabling third-party MIDI device control of 3Play operations via macros
    • Support for Advanced Media Protocol (AMP), enabling remote operation of 3Play functions by compatible third-party production systems
    • Support for remote operation of 3Play functions by a companion NewTek TriCaster system
    Optional Hardware Controller

    Supports tactile control via optional 3Play hardware control surface

    • Surface ~ 12.7 W x 1.0 H x 11.7 D in (32.3 x 2.5 x 29.7 cm)
    • Base ~ 12.7 W x 10.8 D in (32.3 x 27.4 cm)
    • Base Height ~ 0.7-2.7 in (1.8-6.9 cm)
    • 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)

    DVI and HDMI monitor outputs for user interface and multiview preview displays

    Case Display

    7.0 in (17.8 cm) LCD screen with configurable output (A or B playout channel; external monitor required for user interface)

    Built-In WiFi

    Supports wireless connection to local network for publishing and networking with external devices

    • 802.11ac WiFi standard
    Built-In Bluetooth

    Support for keyboard and mouse using wireless Bluetooth technology

    System Physical
    • 4.6 x 9.2 x 7.9 in (11.7 x 23.4 x 20.1 cm)
    • 9 lbs (4.1 kg)
    • Multi-tiered software fail-safe
    • Included cable retention bracket may double as handle
    System Electrical

    AC Mains:

    • Voltage (volts): 100/240
    • Current (amps): 1.8
    • Frequency (Hz): 50/60

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