Part # TXM243T3G

MFR Part # TXM-243T3G

TXM-243T3G is the highest class reference monitor which is compliant to all the requirements of EBU Grade 1 standard. More
MSRP: $6299

TXM-243T3G is the highest class reference monitor which is compliant to all the requirements of EBU Grade 1 standard. This monitor features full 12 bit video processing and 24" 10 bit OLED panel capable of reproducing over 1.07 billion colors on screen. And, this unit delivers super shap motion pictures by high contrast ratio, true black and accurate color representation.

True 10-bit Display

10-bit display means more than 1 billion colors can be shown on the screen at once. This is 64 times the numbers of colors supported by standard 8-bit display, and virtually eliminates color and greyscale banding.

8 bit Panels (6bit+FRC 2bit)10 bit Panels (8bit+FRC 2bit)

True 10-bit Display

12-bit Video Processing Engine

In order to reproduce true 10-bit smooth gradation, a cutting-edge 12-bit video processor is incorporated. It greatly increase gradation levels, resulting in much smoother and more natural images. And, it allows images to be reproduced with high precision for display accuracy.

12-bit Video Processing Engine

Superb Uniformity

By a strict uniformity correction process and OLED technology, TXM-243T3G offers superb uniformity across all signal levels at every point of the screen.

True Multi-Format Support

This monitor supports all the standard of signals including NTSC, PAL, SECAM and all SD/HD digital formats. This includes PsF formats as standard feature and support of 1080p/50,60 and 4:4:4 sources over Dual-Link and 3G.

Adjustable Gamma

Gamma value is adjustable from 1.0 to 3.0 as user's preference to monitor in the dark area of the picture. Any pictures taken in either light or dark environment can be easily watched or analyzed.

Adjustable Gamma

Gamma 1.8Gamma 2.2


BON's new 3D LUT allows for previewing how colors will be reproduced on the final film print. Users can select from color gamuts such as NTSC, EBU, BT.709, SMPTEC, D-Cinema.


3rd Party 3D LUT Import and Export

TXM-243T3G enables you to upload 3D LUT file into the monitor and display the transformed image on the screen. And, you can export the present active 3D LUT in many other formats. 
Light Illusion CMS software is necessary for this function.

Quick Response with Blur-free Motion

The organic emitters of OLED panel instantly react to the change of current when the video level is changed. It allows the excellent quick response characteristics can be achieved on fast-motion images. This blur-free fast response benefits a variety of applications and scenes such as sports broadcasting, monitoring of camera panning, and text scrolling.

Quick Response with Blur-free Motion

True Black

OLED screen enables deep blacks to be accurately displayed and the black portion of an image is not degraded.

True Black

PiP, PaP, Blending

BXM-243T3G and all the other BXM monitors have various and upgraded duel-screen modes.





Other features

  • - I/P Conversion for Motion Response
  • - Focus Assistance
  • - False Color (SDI Only)
  • - Fast Motion Mode
  • - Firmware Update via USB Flash Memory
  • - UMD/IMD Mode Display
  • - H/Vdelay
  • - Pixel to Pixel
  • - De-embedded 8~16ch Audio Level Meter
  • - Audio Phase Meter
  • - Rack Mount & VESA Mount (Option)
  • - Various Markers (EBU, 4:3, 16:9, 1.85:1, 2.35:1, etc.)
  • - External Remote Control and Update via Ethernet
  • - Copying the preset data to another monitor by USB memory(menu settings etc.)
  • - Waveform 
    (SDI/HDMI/DVI/YPbPr, supporting parade mode)
  • - Time Code Display (ATC_HD-SDI,DVITC_SD-SDI, except 3G Level B)
  • - R,G,B, and White Internal Patterns Display for Color Test
  • - Vector scope (SDI/HDMI/DVI/YPbPr)
  • - Exposure Range Check
  • - Gen-lock(video synchronization)
  • - Freeze Frame
  • - AFD & V-CHIP display (SDI Only)
  • - Zero/Under/Over Scan
  • - Blue/Mono
  • - Closed Caption (CEA-608/708)
  • - 3 Color TALLY Lamp

Multiple Interfaces Support

BXM-243T3G includes 2 x SDI Input/Loopout, 
3xAnalog Input/Loopout, 1 x DVI-D Input, 
1 x HDMIInput. And, there is 1 x External Sync Input/Loopout, which Grade 1 monitor usually has. And, Ethernet portenables you to control all the functions and updatefirmware remotely.

Multiple Interfaces Support    
Size: 24.5"
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Pixel Pitch: 0.283mm
Color: 10 bit
Viewing Angle: 178(H), 178(V)
Luminance of White: 400 cd/m² (center)
Contrast: 5000 : 1
Display Area: 543.4 x 305.6 (mm)
2 x BNC: HD/SD-SDI, 3G/1.485G/270M
3 x BNC: Analog(YPbPr/CVBS/S-Video/RGB)
1 x HDMI: HDMI, (with HDCP v.1.1), 19pin Female
1 x DVI: DVI-I, 24pin, Female
1 x BNC: External Sync, Black Burst & Tri-sync, 1.0Vp-p
2 x BNC: SDI-1/2 Active Loop Output
3 x BNC: Analog(YPbPr/CVBS/S-Video/RGB)
1 x BNC: For External Synchronization
Composite: 1.0Vp-p(with sync), NTSC/PAL
YC(S-Video): Y :1.0Vp-p, C:0.286Vp-p
Component(Y/Pb/Pr): Y :1.0Vp-p, Pb :0.7Vp-p, Pr :0.7Vp-p
Component (R/G/B): G :1.0Vp-p(with Sync), B :0.7Vp-p, R :0.7Vp-p
PC-RGB,Sync Level: R, G, B : 0.7Vp-p, H/V Sync : 4V ± 1Vp-p
SMPTE 425M AB: Level A MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4
Level B MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4
SMPTE 372M: Dual HD-SDI YCbCr (4:2:2), 1080p 
Dual HD-SDI YCbCr/RGB (4:4:4), 1080i, 1080p, 720p
SMPTE 274M/292M: 1080i (60/59.94/50)
1080p(30/29.97/25/24/24sF/23.98/23.98sF) SMPTE 296M 720p(60/59.94/50)
SMPTE-260M: 1035i (60/59.94)
SMPTE-125M/259M: 480i(60/59.94), 576i(50)
2K, SMPTE 428M: 2048 x 1080p(24/24sF/23.98/23.98sF)
ITU R-BT.656: 576i(50)
HDMI: 1080p(60)
DVI: 1080p(60)
1x Ethernet: Control/Update, GPI-7 Port, RJ-45P Jack
2x GPIO: GPI-7 Port, RJ-45P Jack
2x Serial: RS-422, RJ-11P Jack
1x USB: For firmware update
Power Requirements: AC(100-230V, 50/60Hz)
Power Consumption: 59W
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40 °C (32°F to 104°F)
Operating Humidity: 20% ~ 80% RH
Weight: 10.0 kg / 22.0 lbs
Dimension(WxHxD): 578.4 x408.1 x77.5mm(22.7 x 16.0 x 3.0 inches)
  • Carrying Case
Manual CD
Power Cable
Screen Cleaning Cloth   DOWNLOADS:
TXM-243T3G User Guide
TXM-243T3G One Sheet
TXM-243T3G Brochure
BON - Comparison Guide   SPECIFICATIONS:
Shipping Dimensions: 22 x 27 x 11 in.
Shipping Dimensions (Metric): 55.8 x 68.5 x 27.9
Shipping Weight: 35 lbs
Shipping Weight (Metric): 15.8 kg
UPC Code: 889716000364

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