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Setting up an electronic bulletin board, networked kiosk or media player has gotten easier with Datavideo's MP-1000 Media Player.

Media and settings are stored on its 2 gigabyte CompactFlash card, which can be easily updated via a network connection using the built-in Ethernet port. Content can be scheduled remotely or locally, either by having it connect automatically to a central server or by using the included software interface. These features and more make the MP-1000 a very affordable, DVD-quality player for multi-casting over the internet. And because of its compact size, it can be placed almost anywhere.

With its support for RSS, the MP-1000 can also display any text you provide in a scrolling marquee, with customizable colors and opacity. The MP-1000 also supports the more popular media formats, such as JPEG (for slideshows), MPEG 1, 2 and 4, AVI and DIVX movie files and MP3 and WAV sound files.

MP-1000 Features

  • Video output: composite, S-Video, component and VGA
  • Audio output: unbalanced stereo RCA
  • Input: all files uploaded through CompactFlash card or Ethernet port
  • File formats supported: MP3, MPG1, MPG2, MP4, JPG, AVI, DIVX, WAV, TXT and RSS
  • Video Codecs supported: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (must be .avi extension), DivX and Cinepak
  • Scheduled or menu-controlled auto-playback
  • Uses easily-available CompactFlash for storage - upgrade or replace quickly and affordably. Supports up to 16GB in FAT32 format.
  • Hundreds of units can be controlled and maintained remotely using one server
  • Scheduled content uploads
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Three BNC cables One S-Video cable Two RCA audio cables One Ethernet cable One 2GB CompactFlash card Remote Software CD 12V DC power supply MP-1000 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the MP-1000 always have to be connected?
A: No, the unit only needs to connect if there is new content for it to download. Otherwise, it will run within a local network or it will just play content which was already stored on its compact flash card.

Q: Can the MP-1000 download content while it's playing?
A: No, updates must be scheduled during "off" hours.

Q: Can multiple MP-1000s be updated at once?
A: Yes, if using the included CAT management software; you will need a network hub to connect multiple MP-1000s at once. If using an FTP server, you just need a server with the bandwidth capacity to serve all your MP-1000s at once.

Q: Will the MP-1000 play Windows Media files?
A: No, the unit can only play MPEG and AVI video files, JPG images and MP3 audio files.

Q: Is the server included with the MP-1000?
A: There are two types of "servers" involved with the MP-1000. The one that comes included with the MP-1000 is the CAT management software, which is a program that is typically used for manual or "one-off" updates and runs on any Windows-based computer; it creates the playlists and transfers content to the MP-1000. The other is a standard web server which houses content that the MP-1000 can download automatically on its own (via FTP).

Q: Does the MP-1000 have a USB port?
A: No, the only way to insert content is via the internal Ethernet port or directly to the Compact Flash card.

Q: Can I add a larger CompactFlash card for increased storage capacity?
A: Yes. The unit supports CompactFlash card capacities up to 16GB. The native file system for the MP-1000 is FAT32. The CompactFlash card should be formatted as FAT32 to maintain the best performance.

Q: What is the Ethernet port speed?
A: 10/ 100Mbps

Q: Can the schedule be set with real time/clock time points?
A: Yes, the

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