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Boris Blue version 2.0 adds Avid plug-in support, additional features for composing effects in 3D, and adds innovative new deformers and filters

Avid Plug-in Integration for Windows XP Avid systems
With Blue, Avid users now have access to unique features such as a sophisticated realtime particle engine and the ability to create effects using 3D models in the Avid timeline. AVX plug-in integration eliminates export/import of projects - simplifying online/offline workflow. Additionally, Blue effects can now be saved into Avid bins for re-use.

Improved 3D Interactors for Objects, Cameras, Lights and Split Views
Simultaneously display and work with multiple perspectives of the 3D Scene in the Composite Window. This new enhancement makes it faster and easier to create sophisticated 3D scenes and animations.

3D Camera Improvements
The new functionality gives the ability to have a camera automatically stay focused on a particular object or point in the scene while animating through 3D space.

New 3D Deformers and Image Processors
The expanded effects pallete includes Curl and Shatter, as well as Glow and Film Process. Accelerated filters Lens Flare, Glint and much more expand the range of looks and effects that can be created with Boris Blue 2.0.

Compatible With:

  • Avid Media Composer


Why Boris Blue?

A Boris FX customer recently wrote:
"I'm a Boris user who has a Windows machine with a good NVIDIA graphics card, and I now hear that Boris Blue 2 can be used as a plug-in for Avid. You say Boris Blue does 3D, right? Well, what if I already have Boris Graffiti, Boris FX, Boris Red, or Avid FX? I know some of those products already offer 3D text and some offer 3D shapes. Why would I want Boris Blue if I already have something like the latest version of Red or Avid FX?"

Compared to Boris Red or Avid FX, Blue gives you...

  • Much more speed for both previewing effects and rendering effects. Blue uses NVIDIA graphics cards for accelerated GPU rendering and preview.
  • Much more sophisticated 3D looks because it has more advanced 3D lighting, more advanced Materials for 3D surfaces, true 3D shape deformers for all shapes, and custom bevels and extrusion faces for extruded objects.
  • Fast, powerful 3D Particle Emitters for realistic simulation of smoke, fire, and sparks or creation of animated backgrounds and other graphic elements.
  • The ability to import 3D model files such as .3ds (3ds Max) and .obj (Maya) geometry files, preserving individual geometry groups and maintaining editable texture and bump maps. This gives you access to an infinite number of new 3D shapes for your Boris Blue 3D effects.
  • Advanced 3D Camera features including the ability to animate a camera along a user defined bezier path. Have a camera stay focused on a specific 3D point or track another 3D object as its target while moving through 3D space.
  • Better interface tools for composing 3D effects. The Blue Composite Window offers split views for simultaneously viewing and adjusting your 3D scene from multiple perspectives. Blue also gives you improved 3D interactors for better manipulating objects in 3D space.

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