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Videoguys LIVE Unveiling Top 10 Products of 2016

Gary goes through each of our picks revealing why they are on the list and how they may suit your needs. To see our full blog post on each of the products, click here to view our ad free slideshow. You’ll find descriptions and links to all of the products.


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By Britt, January 10, 2017
  • BVX1

    Thanks for your efforts (but what’s up with the 7 minutes of silence at the beginning?) Okay, we realize you’re not video production pros, but the amateurish audio and visual quality of this production do you and your products no favors. Hiring a local pro client to help might work wonders.

    • jimatvideoguys

      Appreciate the feedback. We are re-posting the trimmed version of the video without the pre-roll and have spent all morning trouble shooting the audio issue. At minimum, we have an issue with the mic and the problem may actually extend beyond that. We’ll keep everyone posted and will continue to up our game!