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Hackintosh Method: Recommendations and suggested parts lists for building a Hackintosh

Dan Benjamin  is a podcaster and software writer, with 20 years of experience. He has written this method with recommendations and parts for building your own computer. Hackintosh Method Straight-forward recommendations and suggested parts lists for building a Hackintosh capable of running macOS Sierra 10.12 (and Windows 10, Linux, etc.). Sections Jump to the section you’re most Read More

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By Courtney Wach, February 14, 2017

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Videomaker’s Mobile Workstation Buyer’s Guide

Here are some great guidelines to keep in mind when purchasing a new mobile workstation. You’ll also want to check out our Videoguys’ tech select recommendations here, too. MOBILE WORKSTATION BUYER’S GUIDE From Videomaker Magazine Bigger files, more files, just more data – it doesn’t seem to matter what you’re shooting; the amount of information Read More

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By Britt, August 1, 2016

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How to Upgrade NLE Software in the Middle of a Project

Videoguys does not recommend upgrading your NLE mid project. Even with these helpful tips, it’s still a recipe for trouble. With any major NLE release, we recommend that you wait a couple of weeks, checking online support and user forums, before upgrading. Sometimes the new upgrade will disable or change the way a specific feature Read More

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By Gary, June 28, 2016

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Videoguys’ System Recommendations for Video Editing

Videoguys’ System Recommendations for Video Editing (March 2014 Update)   Click here for our March 2017 Updated System Recommendations for video editing   We get asked all the time, “What computer system should I use for Video Editing?” So, we created this page to give you some basic guidelines. Every month computers get more powerful and Read More

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By Britt, July 28, 2011