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Learn More about Livestreaming Festivals like Global Citizen & Panorama

September 28, 2017

From Rebecca Lerner at Forbes The live aspect of events has yet to be replaced by any major medium.  Concerts are recorded and major sporting events can be seen live on television but nothing replaces seeing an event live.  The same can be said for many festivals and live events that may not be broadcast in Read More

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By Edward Blumenthal,

Camera and Accessories, Streaming, VR Virtual Reality

“The Future. Redefined.” brought to the World by Roland Professional A/V

October 17, 2016

Roland Professional A/V Helps Bring “The Future. Redefined.” to the World Creative Cow dives deep into the production side of “The Future.Redefined”  (Los Angeles, California–October 12, 2016) Roland recently premiered more than 30 new products to a global audience during a first-of-its-kind, 24-hour streaming online music festival — “The Future. Redefined.” — featuring live performances Read More

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By Jim,