Aja T-Tap review

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AJA T-Tap Review

Looking for a simple, unobtrusive means for getting professional video and audio onto monitors and projectors? Check out Aja’s T-TAP™, reviewed and explained here by DigitalFilms blogger, Oliver Peters. I like the robustness of AJA’s manufacturing and software tools. I’ve used their products over the years and never been disappointed with performance or service if Read More

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By Britt, January 18, 2017

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Introducing 8K: The Final Frontier?

Filmmaker by Kaleem Aftab Keeping apace with camera technology is like running a race where the finish line keeps on moving. Just as the next generation of games consoles go on sale boasting the ability to display 4K images (although for the moment only those with the salary of a pro-footballer can afford screens able Read More

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By Britt, November 20, 2013

4K, UHD and 3D

The camera conundrum: which one to buy?

Philip Bloom This blog post is outdated… A strange way to start an article, but it’s true. It was outdated the moment I started writing it. It is becoming more and more outdated the longer I type this sentence! Just in the time it took to type “outdated” it became very outdated!! So it is Read More

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By Britt, November 21, 2012

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The Truth About 2K, 4K and The Future of Pixels

Creative COW by John Galt John Galt: “Pixel” is an unfortunate term, because it has been hijacked. Historically, 2K and 4K referred to the output of a line array scanner scanning film, so that for each frame scanned at 4K, you wind up with four thousand red pixels, four thousand green and four thousand blue. Read More

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By Britt, December 28, 2011