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SlingStudio Review: Seeing Multi Camera Production In a Different Light

Check out this in-depth review by Mark J. Foley on the SlingStudio, a portable, wireless, multi-camera broadcasting platform.

Final Thoughts

 The SlingStudio is, if used in the right situation, a very powerful production tool that could be an affordable answer for those trying to break into multicamera production. Is it the end all be all of multicam production? No. As I said at the beginning there is the production need, and that need including budget, time and location will dictate what is the best fit for that production.

I also am still kind of old-school where bigger is better and that sometimes the idea of going wireless still sets back my thinking. That said, in my professional opinion SlingStudio has a ton of positives going for it. It also is a powerful teaching tool in the art of multicamera production. I can see a real need in the future for the right tool set that might include SlingStudio to teach young production professionals the concept of multicam production.

I can also see it being used as a preproduction tool to previz camera locations and see how things may look as they are cut together. Lastly, I can see the use of SlingStudio as a discreet tool for recording performance events in small, intimate settings (think jazz club) that may not have the room for a more traditional setup. So for $999 (base), one can become the provider of a very professional looking multicamera production. How cool is that?

Product Update:
Shortly after I completed my initial review, SlingStudio sent me some more product information some of which was already mentioned. But it was so cool I thought it might be worth mentioning again.


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By Jim, January 24, 2018