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Samsung 360 Round: Professional VR Camera with 17 Lenses

The revolution of 360-degree video has caused every camera company to get in the game.  Recently, Samsung released their 360-degree camera, the Samsung 360 Round Camera.  It’s pushing 360 video forward by making the camera better to operate and work with.  The Verge‘s Ashley Carman gives a brief overview of what Samsung has done to put themselves in the forefront of 60-degree video.  Here are the specs of the new Samsung 360 Round.

  • 17 cameras with 1/2.8-inch, 2MP image sensor and f/1.8 Lens

  • Six internal microphones with support for two external mics

  • LAN or USB-C connectivity

  • 10GB of RAM and 40GB of internal memory

  • Up to 2TB SSD, up to 256GB SD card

  • Weighs 1.93kg, or 4.25 pounds

  • 19V, 21.1A power input

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By Edward Blumenthal, October 24, 2017