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ProRes RAW Creates New Workflows

ProRes RAW is the newest codec from Atomos, ProRes RAW looks to speed up the post production process. ProRes RAW will have no data ceiling which means your images will not get compressed or deleted. If you are an amateur filmmaker looking to speed up your workflow take a look at this article


The first thing to know about the myriad of “RAW” and “RAW-like” codecs is that each of them sets out with the same goal in mind: to record full or near-full sensor readout without encoding any user-defined settings in the footage. This information — such as ISO, white balance, and color space — is saved in a separate metadata file to be used in an NLE.How ProRes RAW Is Going to Change the Way You Work — RAW

Because of the amount of information contained within the files, working with RAW footage is slow and cumbersome on all but the most capable machines. To offset this disadvantage, proxies are rendered for editing before being replaced with the original footage for effects and mastering.

For productions with the means, the quality and flexibility offered by RAW often outweigh the costs of handling the footage…Read more

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By Christine, July 9, 2018