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NIGHTLINE is the Right Line for Sony Vegas By Douglas Spotted Eagle Nightline VegasABC has long been known as a cutting-edge organization when it comes to newsgathering, editing, and technology. The well-oiled Washington DC news bureau is no exception. “We’ve been looking for a system to replace our aging Newscutters for a long time,” says George Murphy, Senior Director for ABC’s top-ranked program “NIGHTLINE, “We saw Sony Vegas at NAB a few years back when it was Vegas 4, and have been watching it ever since.” The core team of the 25 year old NIGHTLINE broadcast from Washington that has focused on the implementation of Vegas consists of Executive Producer Tom Bettag, Senior Director George Murphy, Technical Director Richard Ehrenberg, and Editor Guy Federico. Murphy and Ehrenberg installed Sony Vegas 5 software on personal systems after NAB 2004, and have been working with the software to get familiar with it for the past several months. They recently started cutting teasers, packages, and demos for the NIGHTLINE newscast, and have already broadcast several segments of the show that were edited entirely in Sony Vegas software. “The speed at which we can cut the an effects sequence together is astounding,” says Ehrenberg. “We are looking forward to utilizing Vegas in our show opens as well as effects drop ins in our pieces.” read more…

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By Jim, April 8, 2005