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NewTek TriCaster Top 10 Products for Live Production

Check out these recommended top 10 products for NewTek TriCaster: essentials for video producers and live production.

NewTek’s TriCaster Mini, TriCaster 40 and 410, and TriCaster 460 product lines deliver the power, performance and professional-quality that  you won’t get anywhere else.

Advanced worship producers along with mobile producers, independent video and Web TV experts, and corporate video departments and anyone producing professional real-time video in small or roving bases of operation can make even the smallest presentation look like network television using any of the products we’ve put together here.  If you want a practical way to produce a multi-camera video program and/or want to stream live to the Web, you’ve come to the right place.


NewTek TriCaster Top 10 Products for Live Production - Slideshow

Use the navigation below to view all 10 products presented in random order.

NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition Upgrade

1) NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition Upgrade - $1,995.00
If you have a NewTek TriCaster Mini or Pro Line TriCaster (including the TriCaster 410, 460, 860, or 8000) the upgrade to the Advanced Edition software provides new, premium capabilities that elevate your system to unprecedented levels of creativity, productivity and performance. The upgrade includes M/E re-entry, 4-channel mix/effects layering, real-time motion tracking, and animation on 10 of your 15 buffers. Plus, router switching and more than 60 other production-enabling capabilities.

PTZOptics Robotic Cameras

2) PTZOptics Robotic Cameras - starting at $1,599.00
PTZOptics camera line consists of four pan tilt zoom cameras with HDMI, HD-SDI, USB 3.0, IP Streaming and/or CVBS video outputs.  PTZOptics camera control can be fully integrated into your NewTek workspace and full 1080p video quality can be achieved with your TriCaster Systems.

NewTek Talk Show

3) NewTek Talk Show - $3,995.00
NewTek TalkShow is the easiest, highest-quality production solution for delivering live Skype video calls in broadcast-ready, full-frame HD. It’s a compact, 1RU system that easily integrates Skype TX software from Microsoft with professional production workflows. Output over Ethernet to 3Play integrated sports production system or TriCaster multi-camera production system, while reserving SDI hardware connection for other feeds. TalkShow brings the control of higher-quality Skype calls into the control room—and leaves nothing to chance out in the field.

NewTek 3Play Mini

4) NewTek 3Play Mini - $9,995.00
Sports video producers can deliver a top-level fan experience from any location with the ultra-portable 3Play Mini. With instant replay, hi-resolution slow motion replay, transitions, high-end graphics, and more, the 3Play Mini live sports production suite is as powerful as it is portable.

Combine the 3Play Mini with the TriCaster Mini with Control Surface for a complete LiveSports Production Bundle at a special low price of just $17,995.

Marshall M-LYNX702 Dual 7" Rackmount Monitor

5) Marshall M-LYNX702 Dual 7" Rackmount Monitor - $639.00
The M-LYNX-702 Dual 7" LCD display is a feature-packed, economical solution perfect for fly-packs, control rooms, routing rooms and countless other TriCaster applications. Multiple video inputs set this product apart from similar-looking products. With the M-LYNX-702, you are not limited to the single SDI connector you may find on competitor models. With a full complement of digital and analog connections for each screen, when the unexpected happens, you will be ready.

Videoguys.com is your source for the complete line of Marshall Broadcast Monitors and can help you find one that best suits your needs.

iKan iLED312-V2-KIT

6) iKan iLED312-V2-KIT - $1,199.00
NewTek TriCaster's pre-loaded, realistic virtual sets allow you to take your studio productions to the next level. Good lighting is the key to good keys and will make a big difference in adding depth and texture to your subject when entered onto the virtual sets. We have several great lighting kits from iKan available now and our best seller is the iLED312-V2-KIT with 3 LED lights built for professional performance at an affordable price.

Marshall CV500-MB2 Mini Broadcast POV Camera

7) Marshall CV500-MB2 Mini Broadcast POV Camera - $549.99
This uniquely small and powerful camera meets the heavy duty requirements of High Definition Broadcast applications. The CV500-MB-2 provides full HD resolution video for filming all types of broadcast projects such as RealityTV, Film POV, Culinary Shows, Extreme Sports, Documentaries, Stunt Filming, Hidden Cams, and College/Professional Sports. The CV500-MB-2 is a 1.4” cube enabling unobtrusive placement or concealment in all types of broadcast and live-set applications.

Matrox Monarch HD and HDX

8) Matrox Monarch HD - $995.00, Matrox Monarch HDX - $1,995.00
Although the TriCaster has its own built-in encoder for web streaming, if you are going to connect with more than one ISP (Internet service provider) simultaneously, you should really have a separate encoder for each one. The Matrox Monarch HD is perfect for HDMI output from the TriCaster Mini and the Monarch HDX for SDI ouput from the TriCaster Mini SDI, TriCaster 460 or other professional TriCasters.

Teradek Bolt Wireless Zero-Delay Video

9) Teradek Bolt Wireless Zero-Delay Video - systems starting at $1,990
Teradek Bolt offers zero delay wireless transmission from your camera to the TriCaster. The Bolt Receivers are available with either HDMI or SDI output but can also connect directly over USB 3.0 without taking up any SDI/HDMI inputs.

Teradek Cube, Clip or Bond with StreamReader Plug-in for TriCaster

10) Teradek Cube, Clip or Bond with StreamReader Plug-in
The Teradek Clip or Cube are available with a free StreamReader Plug-in for TriCaster that allows you to import live HD video directly into your system over IP. Whether it’s wireless over WiFi, wired over a network or internet, Teradek Clip and Cube will have about a 4 frame delay (still less than a second) and are very affordable solutions to achieve great distances.

Another cool use of StreamReader is bringing in remote feeds (without needing a hardware decoder). So for example, if you have a remote feed across town, you can use a Bond or Cube to transmit and directly ingested by the Tricaster by using the MPEG-TS pull method. The possibilities are endless.

NewTek TriCaster Control Surface

NewTek TriCaster Control Surface - starting at $1,995.00
There is a companion control surface for every TriCaster model, purpose-designed for maximum live production functionality with that system. Each Control Surface extends the capabilities of your TriCaster system so you can access with corresponding buttons, controls and key combinations on the surface. Most of the control surfaces are also cross-compatible with other TriCaster models, but you may encounter some limitations in the control workflow. If you have questions about the compatibility of a control surface with a specific TriCaster model please call the Videoguys at 800-323-2325

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By Jim, January 13, 2016