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mLogic Thunderbolt 2 Archiving Solutions Special! Get FREE LTO-7 Tapes with Purchase


Now through June 30th, purchase an mLogic mTape LTO-7 Desktop archiving solution with Thunderbolt 2 connectivity or an mRack LTO-7 rackmountable single tape archiving solution, also with Thunderbolt 2 connectivity, and get 5 additional LTO-7 tape cartridges for FREE! That’s a remarkable $600 value.

Check out the products below and give our experts a call if you need help choosing the right product 800-323-2325.

mLogic mTape LTO-7 Thunderbolt 2 Tape Solution

6TB native capacity per tape cartridge (15TB compressed). Almost 2.5x the capacity of LTO-6! Up to 300 MB/second data transfer.


mLogic mTape LTO-7 with PreRoll Post LTFS archiving system

PreRoll Post is an LTFS application that automates indexing your camera originals, complete with thumbs, proxies and metadata, while backing up full resolution media to mTape.


mLogic mTape LTO-7 with YoYottaID archiving software

YoYottaID names, formats, mounts and repairs tape archives. YoYottaID remembers the contents of every tape created so later on you can search to find the location of shots.


mLogic mRack LTO-7 Mountable Single Tape Solution with Thunderbolt 2

1U rack mountable single LTO-7 tape drive with Thunderbolt 2 connectivity.


mLogic mRack LTO-7 with PreRoll Post software

mRack LTO-7 single tape drive with Thunderbolt 2 connectivity bundled with PreRoll Post LTFS archiving system.


mLogic mRack LTO-7 with YoYottaID software

mRack LTO-7 single tape drive with Thunderbolt 2 connectivity bundled with YoYottaID LTFS archiving software.


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By Britt, May 16, 2017