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4 Great Tips to Make Your Live Stream Stand Out

Nice job by Kevin Hill at Igigo Communications on these excellent tips for making your live streaming event stand out. Igigo Communications specializes in helping you live stream your content to your audience. Demystifying the process of live streaming and explaining your options, we offer affordable solutions to connecting your live content with viewers.


Live streaming has become more popular as a means to stay connected with your clients, audience and fans.

It has received a big boost with social media live streaming with Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope/Twitter and now Instagram.  But just turning on your phone and having a talk with your audience is not enough these days. You better be talking about free money to keep the viewer interested in looking at your pretty face.  Your content needs to be engaging to keep your viewers’ attention. Here are four tips to help your live stream stand out from the rest.

1. Graphics

Let people know who they are watching on your live stream by using lower-thirds. Yes, your core audience will know but the new viewers need to match names to faces. Use banner graphics to remind your audience of the topic you are discussing and what subjects are coming up next. Also, banners can let the audience know where you are broadcasting from….read more

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By Jim, August 10, 2018