360Rize 360Helios 8


Part # 360HELIOS678

MFR Part # 360HELIOS-678

6, 7 or 8-camera 360 video rig for Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema 2K and Micro Cinema Studio 4K cameras More
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360Helios 8

  • Cinematic quality 360 video content
  • Highest resolution and frame overlap in the 360Helios lineup
  • Mounts 6, 7, or 8 Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera 2Ks or Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4Ks
  • Does not include cameras or lenses

Precise Form Factor

The 360Helios system is designed to have the smallest possible form factor for positioning Blackmagic Design cameras for spherical capture. Our 360Helios holders position our custom lenses as close to the nodal center of the rig as physically possible. Due to the 360Helios rig's design and the shallow form factor of the lenses themselves, each camera’s lens is closer to those directly adjacent to it in the configuration.

Variable Camera Orientation

360Helios rigs allow users to change whether each camera is positioned in a landscape or portrait orientation in the configuration.

Allows access to all camera ports
Ability to prioritize where the frame overlap exists in the configuration. Increase frame overlap along the horizon or overlap on the top and bottom of the 360-degree sphere by switching between landscape and portrait orientations for each camera
Cameras in landscape orientation = better for shoots where key subjects will be closer to the rig’s horizon
Cameras in portrait orientation = better for shoots where key subjects will be closer to the top of the rig or where the tripod/ mounting solution has a wide base and needs to be removed from the shot during the stitching process

Utilizing Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Cameras for 360 Capture

Blackmagic Design cameras capture richer color and dynamic range than most other solutions typically used for 360 video capture.

  • True digital film quality
  • Built-in RAW and ProRes recorder (30 FPS in RAW)
  • More finite control over the quality of your finished production
  • All of the RAW color data and information at your disposal
  • 13 stops of dynamic range
  • Adjustable shutter angle for dictating exposure
  • 2K and 4K options available

Post Production

Footage filmed with 360Helios 360 video rigs can be stitched and edited with the standard stitching solutions currently on the market. This includes Kolor, VideoStitch and CARA VR. Media captured with Blackmagic Design cameras can be organized and ingested using 360RIZE 360CamMan VR media management software.

8-Camera Configuration

The 360Helios 8 rig holds the highest number of Blackmagic Design cameras in the 360Helios line. The 360Helios 8 offers the highest degree of frame overlap and highest resolution in the system lineup.

Adding more cameras to an orientation increases the amount of frame overlap among the rig's cameras and directly improves the quality of the final stitched 360 video. The 360Helios 8 can be configured to mount 8, 7 or 6 cameras in a spherical orientation for capturing full 360 x 180 degree 360 video content.


  • 360Helios 8 center core
  • Qty. 8 camera fastening backplates
  • Qty. 8 camera holder arms
  • Qty. 8 1/4"-20 camera holder arm bolts
  • 360RIZE 3/8" - 1/4"-20 monopod/tripod adapter

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