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Virtualsetworks VSE versions are ONLY for use with the NewTek Virtual Set Editor. More
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Virtualsetworks VSE versions are ONLY for use with the NewTek Virtual Set Editor. These are layered .psd files that import directly into the Editor and give you ability to edit zoom, talent position, scene colors, set elements, and background. Requires Virtual Set Editor version 1.5 to handle the 16bit elements which provide scaling and reflection.

Virtualsetworks is the world's premiere design studio, creating custom digital backgrounds and virtual sets for any industry. We can turn your vision into a virtual reality, designing the highest quality digital backdrop, creating the basis for your talent and enhancing viewer experience. We have hundreds of virtual sets to choose from available in Standard Definition, High Definition, and 3D. Our sets are designed to work with all programs able to handle video and chromakey green screen backgrounds. Sets range from basic editing programs to high realtime virtual set systems.

Imagine a custom newsroom background created exactly how you envisioned it. Perfecting a green screen background can change the way viewers experience news, media, and more. We have a library of existing sets to choose from, or we can create as custom virtual set to meet your specific needs. Your own personal videos and photos can be added to the screens in all digital backgrounds seamlessly. We have a broad range of virtual studio set experience, allowing us to design the best quality, most functional background for your budget.

Virtualsetworks has created custom digital backgrounds for well-know clients such as CBS Sports, EMC, Pulse Network, and many more. Our expertise allows us to design the highest quality sets for any client or industry. We can also perform existing set modifications including colors, backgrounds, logos, camera angles, and any other changes needed to a current set.

Using just a written description and/or photos, we can quote and build your virtual set, customized for your platform and made within your requested timeframe. Our virtual sets work with any editing program and are royalty free for life. All sets are available for download instantly after purchase. Prices for custom virtual sets are based on complexity. Contact us today to get started!

We have hundreds of Virtual Sets to choose from available in Standard Definition, High Definition, and 3D. Our sets work with all programs designed to handle video and chromakey from basic editing programs to high realtime virtual set systems.

Virtualsetworks is also available to tailor our library of sets to meet your needs or to create a custom virtual set from scratch: Virtual Set Design.

  • Works with any Editing Program
  • Put your own video and pictures into screens in the virtual set
  • Royalty Free, for life
  • Download Instantly after purchase
  • Hundreds of Virtual Sets to choose from

Included are 14 Virtual Sets

  • Studio 137 is an office lobby.
  • Studio 138 is a room with several monitors and a view.
  • Studio 139 is a talk show set.
  • Studio 140 is a presentation room with interchangeable pictures.
  • Studio 141 is a designer room with a view.
  • Studio 142 is a living room.
  • Studio 143 is a doctors office or ER.
  • Studio 144 is a computer classroom.
  • Studio 145 is a newsdesk with changeable desk front.
  • Studio 147 is a presentation stage.
  • Studio 148 is a living room with an art gallery.
  • Studio 150 is a bank.
  • Studio 151 is a cartoon-like playground.
  • Studio 152 is a blue and orange tiled room.
  • Studio 153 is a laboratory.
  • Studio 154 is a plush hotel lobby.
  • Studio 155 is a Virtual Set Studio with monitors.
  • Studio 156 is a small office with reception.

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