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  1. NewTek
    Part #TC41

    If your business is geared to get somewhere quickly, set up and produce live events then move on to the next project don't burden it with a bunch of extra equipment, setup time and cost.


    Starting at: $9,495.00

  2. NewTek
    Part #3P4800CS
    MFR Part #FG-000416-R001

    NewTek 3Play 4800 Control Surface for 3Play Mini Registered Customers More

    MSRP: $2995
  3. NewTek
    MFR Part #FG-001181-R001

    Multi-camera SDI Production unit with an integrated display screen and system storage complete with control surface and travel case.


    MSRP: $11995
  4. NewTek
    MFR Part #FG-001185-R001

    Multi-camera SDI Production unit with an integrated display screen and system storage capable of recording approximately 30 hours of 1080i footage


    MSRP: $9995
  5. NewTek
    Part #3PMINI
    MFR Part #FG-001058-R001

    Produce Sports Like a Pro. Anywhere. Sports video producers can deliver a top-level fan experience from any location with the ultra-portable 3Play Mini. More

    MSRP: $9995
  6. NewTek
    Part #TC460C

    Control Surface for TriCaster 460 More

    MSRP: $6995

    Starting at: $5,495.00

  7. NewTek
    Part #TCMINIHD4
    MFR Part #FG-000874-R001

    Create and publish great video content in minutes, stream it live, and make even the smallest presentation captivate audiences like network-style TV. More

    MSRP: $5995
  8. NewTek
    Part #TC40C

    Exclusively for the TriCaster 40 system More

    MSRP: $1995

    Starting at: $1,995.00

  9. NewTek
    Part #TC40

    The TriCaster 40 is a complete HD multi-camera video production studio that enables anyone to create professional streaming More

    Starting at: $995.00

  10. NewTek
    Part #TSVS100
    MFR Part #FG-000866-R001

    NewTek TalkShow is the easiest, highest-quality production solution for delivering live Skype video calls in broadcast-ready,


    MSRP: $3995
  11. NewTek
    Part #TCMINICS
    MFR Part #FG-000878-R001

    This control surface gives you hands-on control over live video production on your NewTek TriCaster Mini


    MSRP: $2495
  12. NewTek
    Part #TC46

    Mobile producers, independent video and Web TV experts, advanced worship producers, and corporate video departments are the inspiration for TriCaster 460's boldly-go-anywhere attitude. More

    Starting at: $14,495.00

  13. NewTek
    Part #MDS1
    MFR Part #FG-001519-R001

    Deliver live streaming video from your production directly to viewers. The MediaDS is a revolutionary real-time media encoding and live streaming video delivery platform—the first integrated production system establishing a direct link betwe More

    MSRP: $11995