SDI to HDMI Converters

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  1. AJA Video Systems
    Part #AJAHI5
    MFR Part #AJAHI5

    The Hi5 converts SDI or HD-SDI to HDMI for driving HDMI monitors. Embedded SDI/HD-SDI audio is supported in the HDMI output allowing a convenient single cable audio/video connection. More

    MSRP: $345
  2. iKan
    Part #BXM183R3G
    MFR Part #BXM-183R3G

    BXM-183R3G is a high-end broadcast monitor with 12bit video processor and multiple advanced features including 3G SDI input and HD recording. More

    MSRP: $3679
  3. Vitec Video Innovations
    MFR Part #11076

    Extensor SDI2HDMI seamlessly converts a HD-SDI video to HDMI with optional downscaling, and converts embedded audio in SDI (up to 4 pairs) to stereo unbalanced audio, digital audio AES/EBU and audio embedded in HDMI. More

    MSRP: $435
  4. Vitec Video Innovations
    MFR Part #12645

    Extensor HD Scaler converts and downscales, upscales and cross-scales HD and SD input signals to the full range of output signals. More

    MSRP: $4995
  5. Datavideo
    Part #DAC70
    MFR Part #DAC-70

    DAC70 is an up/down cross-converter that converts between SD, HD, and 3G formats. More

    MSRP: $500
  6. Datavideo
    Part #DAC8P
    MFR Part #DAC8P

    The DAC8P converter is a standalone unit that converts HD/SD-SDI video and audio sources to HDMI. More

    MSRP: $295
  7. Matrox

    Quad SDI to HDMI Multiviewer for 3G/HD/SD More

    Starting at: $895.00

  8. AJA Video Systems
    Part #Hi5Plus
    MFR Part #Hi5-Plus

    Bring HDMI and 3G-SDI devices together for a full range of monitoring and recording solutions in the edit suite More

    MSRP: $395
  9. Roland Systems Group
    Part #EDVC1SH
    MFR Part #VC-1-SH

    Conversion of video and audio signals from SDI input to HDMI output More

    MSRP: $495
  10. Grass Valley
    Part #ADVCG3
    MFR Part #ADVCG3

    2X SDI to HDMI Converter/Multiplexer with 3D Support More

    MSRP: $999
  11. Bluefish444
    Part #SDI110
    MFR Part #SDI110

    Synapse conversions from HD/SD-SDI to HDMI include video scaling, PsF mode and de-interlacing, all configured via dip switches on the side of the converter.


    MSRP: $595
  12. AJA Video Systems
    Part #AJAUDC
    MFR Part #AJAUDC

    The UDC is a broadcast quality Up/Down/Cross Mini-Converter More

    MSRP: $695
  13. AJA Video Systems
    Part #AJAHI54K
    MFR Part #HI5-4K

    AJA's Hi5-4K Mini-Converter provides a simple monitoring connection from professional 4K devices using 4 SDI outputs to new displays with 4K-capable 1.4a HDMI inputs. More

    MSRP: $595
  14. AJA Video Systems
    Part #AJAHI53G
    MFR Part #AJAHI53G

    The Hi5-3G converts 3G-SDI, dual or single link HD-SDI, or SD-SDI to HDMI v1.3a for driving HDMI monitors. More

    MSRP: $595
  15. AJA Video Systems
    Part #AJAHI53D
    MFR Part #HI5-3D

    The Hi5-3D is a 3D video multiplexer More

    MSRP: $495