NVIDIA GPUs Provide Ultra-Fast Acceleration for Adobe CC Adobe Premiere Pro CC delivers up to 18x faster rendering and compression than a competing CPU for today’s most challenging video and D-Cinema formats, including DSLR, RED 4 and 5K native footage. Adobe After Effects CC simplifies and accelerates motion graphics workflows with its powerful 3D ray-traced rendering engine. This feature is accelerated only with NVIDIA GPUs, performing up to 23x faster than a high-end CPU or any competitive GPU. Adobe SpeedGrade CC is accelerated by NVIDIA Quadro GPUs for real-time professional color-grading performance in the Lumetri Deep Color Engine, including quick and intuitive real-time grading of RAW, HDR or stereo 3D content. Also, professional colorists can use the new Look Manager to easily organize and access grading presets. Adobe Photoshop CC provides the speed and power to stretch your photographic imagination. Along with 30 other GPU-accelerated features in the Mercury Graphics Engine, some of the most popular improved GPU-accelerated tools include the Blur Gallery, with its simple, on-canvas controls for immediate results; and the all-new Smart Sharpen feature for better responsiveness in creating images with precisely controlled shadows, highlights and noise reduction. And with Quadro GPUs, subtle transitions and gradients can be faithfully reproduced with 30-bit Deep Color support.


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5 Item(s)