Network-quality programs, anywhere production takes you.

TriCaster 460 is an all-purpose, 4-camera video production system scaled for smaller racks and mobile units. From live and on-demand programs that look infinitely bigger to engaging social and second-screen experiences, create multi-platform productions to open up more revenue opportunities and extend your brand.

Flexible I/O for production versatility.

  • Mix-and-match SDI and analog I/O
  • Analog and digital output connections up to 11 max
  • Removable drive bay & built-in Genlock

NEW! TriCaster 460 with Control Surface (SKU: TC460) now comes with a FREE installation of TriCaster Advanced Edition software!
TriCaster Advanced Edition software adds more than 100 exclusive capabilities to your system, enabling you to get the most out of your workflow from capture and creation to delivery.

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  1. NewTek
    Part #TC46

    Mobile producers, independent video and Web TV experts, advanced worship producers, and corporate video departments are the inspiration for TriCaster 460's boldly-go-anywhere attitude. More

    Starting at: $14,995.00

  2. NewTek
    Part #TC460C

    Control Surface for TriCaster 460 More

    MSRP: $6995

    Starting at: $5,495.00

  3. NewTek
    MFR Part #FG-000715-R001

    NewTek 2RU Media Drive Kit for TriCaster 460 More

    MSRP: $199
  4. NewTek
    Part #TC460ADVED
    MFR Part #FG-001086-R001

    NewTek TriCaster Advanced Upgrade for TriCaster 460


    MSRP: $1995
  5. NewTek
    Part #TC460AEBUNDLE
    MFR Part #FG-000468-R001 | FG-001526-R001

    Special bundle combining TriCaster 460 with Control Surface and Advanced Edition Software Bundle. Available to accredited educational institutions. More

    MSRP: $20990