Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, keeps you future-ready as you navigate the changing landscape of today's media. With the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services, we deliver the agility and efficiency you need to be competitive today — and the technological foresight you need to keep pace with consumers' desires for more content on more channels and more devices.

Grass Valley

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  1. Part #EDIUSJUMP

    From April 11th until August 15th, 2015, any EDIUS Neo user (versions 1 to 3.5) or EDIUS Pro user (versions 1 to 6.5) will be able to upgrade to EDIUS 7.5 for just $299. This update will also include a free update to the next major version of EDIUS More

    MSRP: $299

  2. Part #GVEDIUSPRO8

    EDIUS Pro 8 is THE most versatile and fastest nonlinear editing software available. More

    Starting at: $199.00

  3. Part #ADVC110

    High-quality Bidirectional Analog/Digital Video Conversion More

    MSRP: $229.95

  4. Part #ADVCG1

    Any In to SDI Multi-Functional Converter/ Upconverter with Frame Synchronizer More

    MSRP: $1199

  5. Part #ADVCG2

    HDMI & SDI to Analog & SDI Multi-Functional Converter/Downconverter with Frame Synchronizer More

    MSRP: $999

  6. Part #ADVCG3

    2X SDI to HDMI Converter/Multiplexer with 3D Support More

    MSRP: $999

  7. Part #ADVCG4

    The ADVC G4 is more than just a compact and robust sync generator. More

    MSRP: $699

  8. Part #LKBUEDIUS

    The dedicated LogicKeyboard makes controlling Grass Valley EDIUS or Neo a lot simpler and faster. More

    Starting at: $99.95

  9. Part #HDSPAR

    The Grass Valley™ HDSPARK™ supports video professionals who are using tapeless acquisition and want to use affordable HDMI monitors to preview full-resolution projects in real time. More

    Starting at: $399.00

  10. Part #IDDR2RACKW

    Rack Mount Kit More

    MSRP: $199

  11. Part #PROCODER

    ProCoder 3 More

    Starting at: $199.00

  12. Part #T2

    Intelligent Digital Disk Recorder More

    Starting at: $12,980.00

  13. Part #ADVCPSU5V

    Grass Valley ADVC-PSU5V AC Adaptor Kit More

    MSRP: $40

  14. Part #ADVC55

    Connects analog video equipment to FireWire-equipped computers for video editing More

    MSRP: $229.95

  15. Part #ACEDVIO

    ACEDVio (Card Only) More

    MSRP: $329

1 to 15 of 19 Items