G-Technology’s roots are deeply ingrained in delivering premium storage solutions for audio/video production, photography and the professional content creation market. From storing, transferring, editing and distributing content, G-Technology makes the workflow simpler, better and faster. G-Technology’s high-performance portable and desktop drives, flexible transfer/edit solutions and fast RAID systems are all built for professional content creation environments where performance and reliability are paramount. Because G-Technology holds itself to the highest standards, its products can be found in premiere post-production facilities worldwide.

G-Technology enables you to store, protect, and easily access your content. From streaming music to sharing movies to intensive video editing – we’ve got you covered!



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  1. G-Technology
    Part #GRAIDST

    GRAID Studio Hardware RAID 4-Bay Thunderbolt 2 Storage Solution More

    Starting at: $699.95

  2. G-Technology

    GSPEED, Hardware RAID 4-Bay Thunderbolt 2 Storage Solution More

    Starting at: $1,999.95

  3. G-Technology

    GDRIVE ev RaW More

    Starting at: $89.95

  4. G-Technology

    GSPEED Studio XL – A hardware RAID 8-Bay Thunderbolt 2 solution offers professional content creators colossal capacity and high definition performance. More

    Starting at: $2,999.95

  5. Datavideo
    Part #GDEVATC

    All-terrain drive solution shields a high quality, lightweight, removable GDRIVE ev RaW USB hard drive.


    Starting at: $149.95

  6. G-Technology

    GRAID with Thunderbolt™ and USB 3.0 More

    Starting at: $799.95

  7. G-Technology
    Part #GRAIDTH

    GRAID with Thunderbolt, designed specifically for professional content creation applications, features the most powerful, flexible I/O technology ever. At double the data transfer rates of USB 3.0 and over 12 times faster than Firewire 800, no other More

    Starting at: $499.95

  8. G-Technology
    Part #GRAIDU3

    GRAID Dual drive, professional RAID 0 storage solution with high-speed USB 3.0 and FireWire interfaces More

    Starting at: $579.95

  9. G-Technology
    Part #GRAID7

    GRAID high-performance removable dual-drive storage system. Configurable in RAID 0, RAID 1, or JBOD, G-RAID features USB 3.0, eSATA, and FireWire for ultimate flexibility. More

    Starting at: $449.95

  10. G-Technology
    Part #GRU3

    G-RAID with USB 3.0 More

    Starting at: $599.95

  11. G-Technology
    Part #GD6

    GDRIVE 6 A high performance storage solution featuring screaming fast USB 3.0 and FireWire interfaces, now with eSATA. More

    Starting at: $199.95

  12. G-Technology
    Part #GDPRO

    Featuring the most powerful I/O technology ever introduced, G-DRIVE PRO with Thunderbolt delivers flexible, extreme-performance storage for your Thunderbolt-enabled computer More

    Starting at: $699.95

  13. G-Technology
    Part #GDU3

    GDRIVE® USB delivers high performance storage in a compact, yet stylish package. More

    Starting at: $149.95

  14. G-Technology
    Part #GDRIVEU3-

    A high-performance storage solution featuring ultra-fast Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interfaces in an all aluminum enclosure. GDRIVE with Thunderbolt is perfect for storage-intensive applications like audio/video editing or digital photography. More

    Starting at: $279.95

  15. G-Technology
    Part #GDEV

    Compatibility: Mac OS 10.7, Windows ? XP/Vista/7/8

    Interfaces: USB 3.0

    Kit Contents: G-DRIVE ev Hard Drive USB 3.0 Cable (compatible with USB 2.0) Quick Start Guide 3-Year Limited More

    Starting at: $89.95

1 to 15 of 53 Items