Switch or Mix between DV, YUV, S-Video & Composite. Ideal for Live Mixing, Web Casting, Church, Conferences and much more.

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  1. Datavideo
    Part #SE700
    MFR Part #SE-700

    The Datavideo SE-700 is a small, cost-effective, high quality, HD digital video switcher with easy-to-use professional features. The SE-700 switcher offers two HD SDI and two HDMI inputs with embedded digital audio. More

    MSRP: $1799
  2. Datavideo
    Part #SE1200MU
    MFR Part #SE-1200MU

    HD Switcher for SDI & HDMI More

    MSRP: $1499
  3. Datavideo
    Part #SE500GROUP

    The SE-500 is a compact and light weight 4-channel analog video/audio switcher with a built-in Time Base Correction.


    Starting at: $1,000.00

  4. Datavideo
    Part #RMC400
    MFR Part #RMC-400

    Control unit for HDR-10. Can control up to four HDR-10 and allow you to have instant replay in slow motion from four di More

    MSRP: $499
  5. Datavideo
    Part #SEB1200
    MFR Part #SEB-1200

    The SEB-1200 Bundle combines the Datavideo SE-1200MU Switcher and the RMC-260 Controller into a powerful, ergonomic switching package.


    MSRP: $1995
  6. Datavideo
    Part #RMC260
    MFR Part #RMC-260

    Control panel for the SE-1200MU.


    MSRP: $499
  7. Datavideo
    Part #KMU100
    MFR Part #KMU-100

    A unique 4K multi-camera production solution that delivers multiple virtual full HD (up to 1080p) scaled camera angles with minimal installation cost and simple operation. 


    MSRP: $4995
  8. Datavideo
    Part #SE900
    MFR Part #SE900

    Datavideo's SE-900 8 input SD switcher has an expandable core feature set that includes input chromakey cards and accessories. This two piece switcher (control panel and rack mounted processor) is ideal for SD venues. More

    MSRP: $4640
  9. Datavideo
    Part #SE2200
    MFR Part #SE-2200

    SE-2200 consists of 6 HD/SD-SDI video inputs or with a combination of 4 HD/SD-SDI and 2 HDMI inputs; all of the inputs are reassignable, thus it is able to adapt to your needs. More

    MSRP: $4000
  10. Datavideo
    Part #SE2000R
    MFR Part #SE2000R

    SE2000 is a HD-SDI switcher that is ideal for small live production venues that use up to 5 inputs. More

    MSRP: $3500
  11. Datavideo
    Part #SE2000HDRKIT
    MFR Part #SE-2000-HDR-KIT

    The Datavideo SE2000 Kit is a stationary version of the HS-2000. More

    MSRP: $7050
  12. Datavideo
    Part #SE650
    MFR Part #SE-650

    Datavideo SE-650 is a small, cost effective, professional HD digital video switcher offering two HD-SDI and two HDMI inputs that support video formats up-to 1080i. More

    MSRP: $1199