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Red Giant Software

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Red Giant Trapcode Suite 13
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Red Giant Trapcode Suite Academic
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Red Giant Trapcode Suite 13 Upgrade
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The industry standard for broadcast and 3D design

Trapcode Suite sets the industry bar with 11 tools for broadcast-ready effects and flexible 3D content. Its flagship product is Particular, a speedy 3D particle system with options for custom particles, particle shading and movement in 3D space. Form merges particle generation with imported OBJ models, the all-new Mir creates a fast-rendering polygon mesh, and Shine generates volumetric light rays. Use Trapcode Suite to create high quality text titles, animated backgrounds and logo treatments with fast rendering and an affordable price tag. Save $690 when buying the Suite versus individual plug-ins.

Organic 3D particle effects, complex motion graphics elements and more

- Build particle effects visually, in the new, powerful Effects Builder
- Create fire, water, smoke and other organic effects
- Works with After Effects’ 3D camera and lights

Immortal Particle Grids and 3D Objects

- Load 3D models in OBJ format
- Dissolve text and logos
- Uses After Effects' 3D camera and lights

3D geometries animated along a path

- Generate Geometric shapes, ribbons and more
- Create geometries from Masks, Paths, and Motion
- Works with After Effects’ 3D camera and lights

3D Surfaces, Terrains and Wireframes in After Effects

- Flowing surfaces and abstract shapes for motion graphics
- Shaded surfaces can display as polygons or vertices
- Works with After Effects’ 3D camera and lights

Ultra-fast, 3D light ray effects

- Volumetric light rays for your text, mograph or footage
- Simulate clean rays or fractal smokiness with depth
- After Effects 3D camera-aware

After Effects Lights Made Visible

- Create 3D Volumetric point and spot lights
- Add Drama and realism to your 3D Comps
- Fully customizable and Camera-aware

Organic 3D Shapes and Lines from your masks

- Logos, text and paths take on lives of their own
- Preset shapes give you starting points
- Get pinpoint control over shapes, colors, looping and more

Instantly clone and offset animated layers

- Automate complex, multi-layered 3D animation with ease
- Control layer instances, without writing expressions
- Create dynamic 'falling domino' or 'follow-the-leader' Animations

Stylized glints and glows for motion graphics and text

- Add Glimmer to your Highlights
- 49 Presets to get you started
- Fully customizable and easy to use

Instant Audio-driven Motion Graphics in After Effects

- Visualize your audio for motion graphics
- Use any audio to drive animation and effects
- Isolate audio bands for total control

Infinite Backgrounds for After Effects 3D

- 360 degree Backgrounds for AE 3D
- Use image maps or create a multicolor gradient
- Fully AE 3D Camera-aware


All programs are compatible with the host application: Adobe After Effects (CC (2015), CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5)

In addition, the following programs are also compatible with host program Adobe Premiere Pro (CC (2015), CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5) 

  • Shine
  • Stroke
  • Starglow



  • Mac OS X 10.6.8
  • Mac OS X 10.7.2 and later
  • Mac OS X 10.8
  • Mac OS X 10.9
  • Mac OS X 10.10
  • Mac Intel - 2 GB of RAM - 30 MB of Hard Drive space


  • Windows XP SP1 or later
  • Windows Vista 64-bit
  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • Windows 8 64-bit
  • Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or faster (or AMD equivalent)
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 30 MB of Hard Drive space

Trapcode Suite 13 includes eleven products:

  • Trapcode Particular
  • Trapcode Mir
  • Trapcode Shine
  • Trapcode Tao
  • Trapcode Sound Keys
  • Trapcode Starglow
  • Trapcode Form
  • Trapcode Lux
  • Trapcode 3D Stroke
  • Trapcode Horizon
  • Trapcode Echospace

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Trapcode Suite 13.1 is a FREE update for current Trapcode customers.  Changes in version 13.1 include:

  • New features to Form, Tao and Sound Keys
  • New presets for Mir and Tao
  • Bug fixes for Particular, Form, Mir, Tao, Form, and Lux.

Now to get more specific…

Trapcode Form 2.2

  • UI Graphs – Updated the ‘Color over Life’ and ‘Size over Life’ graphs in Trapcode Form to match those in Particular 2.5
  • Presets –  Removed the outdated SD presets

Trapcode Sound Keys 1.4

  • Color Map – Updated the Sound Keys color map to match Particular 2.5’s color map.

Trapcode Particular 2.6

  • Effect Builder updates:
    • New switch for disabling motion blur within the builder
    • Minor bug fixes

Trapcode Mir 2.1

  • New Presets – there are 25 brand new presets (a total of 43 in all) to help jumpstart your work
  • New feature – Visibility settings accommodate higher-resolution projects
  • Minor bug fixes

Trapcode Lux 1.4

  • Minor bug fixes

Trapcode Tao 1.1

  • New Presets – 25 New presets have been added to help jumpstart your work.
  • Negative OAS Duration – The OAS Duration property now allows negative values (see below).
  • Faster Rendering with New Light Modes – In addition to “Entire Path” and “Build Up,” there are now 3 new Tao Light Modes that can speed up render times (see below).
  • Minor Bug fixes

TAO – Allow negative OAS Duration:

When OAS Duration is set to negative, the OAS sampling happens from Current Time and backwards in time. So for example, if OAS Duration is set to -10, and Current Time is 10 (the TLI is at 10 seconds) the OAS values are sampled from 10 seconds and back to zero. This is useful for example for audio visualizations, so that for example a beat in the values can travel over time over the path.

New TAO Lights modes:

  • Build-up and Remove
  • Build-up (fast)
  • Build-up and Remove (fast)

The new Build-up and Remove mode is useful when building huge, long structures with TAO Lights and only the newest part is actually visible. With this new mode the plug-in can disregard the older part of the path, making it faster.

The new Build-up (fast) and Build-up and Remove (fast) do not sample the real length of the path leading to much faster rendering for long paths.

All three new modes are really only useful when dealing with very long paths, tens of thousands of segments, where only the newest part of the path is visible.

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