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Part # VZR4KRX10GFO 

MFR Part # VZR-4K-RX-10G-FO 

The VEZARD 4K IP is the Revolutionary HDMI Over 10 Gigabit Ethernet Uncompressed Video Matrix Distribution System, ideal solution to distribute any SD / HD / 4K UHD HDMI Video Signal In Real Time over any 10 Gigabit Lan, with Full Broadcast UNCOMPRES More
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VEZARD 4K IP Receiver is specifically designed to Receive the signal  from any VEZARD 4K IP Transmitter, to distribute in Real Time any SD / HD / 4K UHD HDMI Video over 10 Gigabit Copper or Fiber Lan IP Network, with Perfect Image Quality and Broadcast Grade Performances. The Operation is plug n play anywhere, either with DHCP ip address acquisition from an existing router, or with self-auto-ip. Provided with a professional power supply, the unit operates independently from any centralized power distribution for the maximum reliability and compatibility to any 10 gigabit switch. Professional Connectors, cool &  noiseless operation without the need of forced air guarantee the total reliability through time.

  • UNCOMPRESSED SD / HD / 4K UHD Video Over IP Distribution System
  • Any Resolution up To Full 4K @60 Frames Per Second 
  • Any HDMI Up To HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2
  • Full Broadcast-Grade Video Quality & Format
  • Zero Frames Delay Distribution ( absolute real time / uncompressed )
  • Instantaneous Switch Between Transmitters ( no black screen )
  • Add Multiple HDMI To IP Transmitters, anywhere
  • Add Multiple IP To HDMI Receivers Anywhere
  • Easy Change Receivers Channel From the Free Included Touch Software
  • Free Included Touch Software for windows (no need for additional controllers box)
  • Can Also Create Video Walls of any size By Grouping Multiple Receivers
  • Real Time, Perfect for any Live Application
  • Works with any 10 Gigabit Copper Or Fiber Network Switch
  • Easy Control Protocol to integrate with any third party automation
  • BI-Directional IR Infrared Bridging To control TVs & Sources 
  • BI-Directional RS232 Serial Bridging  To control TVs & Sources 
  • Aux Stereo Analog Audio Input to inject separated audio from the HDMI
  • Built-In Lan Switch with 1Gb RJ45 Port for in room phones, internet, etc
  • Installs In Minutes, Easy, Anywhere
  • Made In USA - 5 Years Warranty


HDMI Video Output
1x HDMI 2.0 Type A Connector
SD / HD Resolutions up to 1080p @ 60
3D Stereoscopic Support
4K UHD Resolutions up to 2160p60
Stereo and Dolby Audio Embedded
1x HDMI 2.0 type A connector.
Multi Rate Support
Automatic switching between SD/HD/2K and 4K

10-Gigabit Main Link
1x LC Slot for SFP+ Transceiver
( SFP+ transceiver not included )
Supports Any 10Gigabit SFP+ Copper or Fiber Transceiver module
Network switch with Multicast and IGMP. DHCP, Auto IP or Static Ip Modes supported
1-Gigabit Local Port Link
1x RJ45 100/1000 1Gigabit Lan Port
For In-Room IP Connection over the main 10 gigabit network.
Ideal for in room VOIP / Internet / Controls Etc

Power Supply
1x DC 5 Volts power input Connector. 2.5mm x 5.5mm DC Power Plug
12 Watts Max Power Consumption
Connection for the IR EYEs to send IR Commands and receive IR Commands from/to the receivers " mapped " to the actual transmitter.
Analog Stereo L/R Audio Output provides a mirror of the HDMI Audio to feed local loudspeakers

HDMI Out Formats
SD Format Support
525i29.97 NTSC, 625i25 PAL
HD Format Support
720p50, 59.94, 60
1080p23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60
1080i50, 59.94, 60

2K Format Support
2048x1080 p23.98, 24, 25
4K Ultra HD Format Support
3840x2160 p23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60
VESA Format Support
VGA: 640x480, SXGA: 1280x1024 SVGA: 800x600, WXGA: 1366x768, QXGA: 2048x1536, XGA: 1024x768, SXGA+: 1440x1080, UXGA: 1600x1200

HDMI Color Space
REC 601, REC 709
HDMI Color Precision
YUV 4:2:2 and RGB 4:4:4 in HD, 2K and 4K.
Copy Protection
HDMI output is with HDCP and is compatible to any HDMI TV and Display up to HDMI2.0 HDCP2.2

Minimum Network Requirements
Layer 2 Network Switch with 10 Gigabit Speed and IGMP/IGMP snooping.
Network cables: Fiber or CAT 7
Max distance From switch: 393FT (120M) or more, depending from the used SFP+ transceiver

Network Traffic
Each VEZARD Receiver requires the following bandwidth over the 10 gigabit port:
15% of 10GB in HD 1080p 60 fps
60% of 10GB in HD 4K @ 30 fps
90% of 10GB in HD 4K @ 60 fps
The VEZARD 4K Video Traffic is Encrypted and can only be received by the VEZARD 4K RX Receivers

Suggested etwork Switches
24 Ports - Netgear XS728T-100NES
48 Ports - Netgear XS748T-100NES
And any Similar or Superior From any other brand, copper or fiber

Software Upgrade
Mac OSX & Windows software upgrade via Ethernet

PC / IP Remote Control
Free Included, Windows 7/8/10 Touch Control software with the ability to drag n drop transmitters to receivers, create / save / recall scenarios, create Unlimited Video Walls by grouping multiple receivers in " slices of the whole video", audio / video / 232 / ir routing control, and more/
The software can run on any pc or tablet as Microsoft Surface or similar, for an easy touch control solution.
The software allows instantaneous switch between transmitter sources without black screens interruptions
Automation Control
Free Included, Complete set of all the Telnet & API Commands, drivers, to control transmitters and receivers from any Third Party Automation software

Settings Control
Basic Settings Control
Via the provided software or via Telnet / API / Driver from any automation system

Power Requirements
Power Supply
1x Included Wall Power Supply Adapter
AC 90-240 Volts Universal World-Standard
5 Volts 4Amp DC output

Power Over Ethernet
Option to be added to the order
UPC: 0649070902311

Power Consumption
12 Watts
Operational Voltage Range
90 - 240V AC With Included PSU
Or 5 Volts DC OVER 2.5mm x 5.5mm DC Power Plug

Physical Specifications

Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature
0°to 40°C (32° to 104°F)

Storage Temperature
-20°to 60°C (-4° to 140°F)

Relative Humidity
0% to 90% non-condensing

What's Included
VEZARD 4K RX UHD HDMI over IP Receiver, Power Supply, IR Eye Emitter, IR EYE Receiver, quick instruction card to access the latest online software and manual.
UPC: 0649070901697


VEZARD 4K RX UHD HDMI over IP Receiver, Power Supply, IR Eye Emitter, IR EYE Receiver, quick instruction card to access the latest online software and manual.

SFP is not included. Requires SFP-10G-850-300 or similar SFP adapter

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