ProMAX Platform Nearline 7000, 288TB


Part # PLATNEAR7000288TB

MFR Part # 126501

The ProMAX Platform Nearline Series is a high capacity, cost effective storage server that delivers a high level of data protection while providing easy access to projects and content that are not yet ready to be archived. More
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The ProMAX Platform Nearline Series is a high capacity, cost effective storage server that delivers a high level of data protection while providing easy access to projects and content that are not yet ready to be archived. It is extremely effective as a backup location or to augment the overall capacity of your storage network. Paired with Platform Online systems, Nearline Series can take advantage of the Media Management features in Platform software for ultra-high speed data transfers. It also integrates easily with other existing Tier 1 SAN or NAS systems.

As digital file sizes continue to grow video production groups face increasing storage requirements and higher costs. To alleviate this problem many facilities are utilizing high-capacity “Nearline” storage systems as part of a multi-tiered strategy to maximize data protection and reduce costs. As projects are completed on high performance “Online” storage they are moved to Nearline systems that offer a higher level of data protection at a far lower cost per terabyte.

  Platform Nearline features 36 hard drive bays in a single 4RU server, with a max total capacity of 288TB. This storage can be expanded up to 864TB per node or to multiple petabytes across additional nodes.
  By utilizing built-in media management features, Platform Nearline is able to transfer data from other 10GbE connected servers on the network at fast speeds. This makes it extremely effective as a Tier 2 backup device or a staging area for archive operations.
  Platform Nearline Series features multiple layers of redundancy for maximum uptime, reliability and data protection. SSD system drives are mirrored for fail-over and all chassis feature dual redundant power supplies. Primary storage groups are protected by a multi-RAID-60 architecture.
  Platform Nearline integrates easily with existing Tier 1 SAN and NAS storage systems and can be used to augment storage capacity or as backup for other devices in a multi-tier storage environment.
  What sets Platform apart from other systems is its ability to join an existing Windows domain and integrate natively with the Active Directory structure. This means that Platform is able to utilize the same users, groups and permissions that are already in place at an organization rather than maintaining a separate user account system that must be synced periodically. This is especially important for enterprise and corporate environments, schools and colleges.
Processors Dual Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3
2.40 GHz Processors
Total Cores [Logical CPUs] 16
Base RAM 16GB
System Drives Dual 120 GB SSDs [Configured as RAID-1)
Power Supply Dual 1200W
Storage Expansion Ports 6 x USB 2.0
Optional FireWire
Optional Fibre Channel
Optional SAS
Video Out DVI
Capacity 96TB-288TB
Network 2X 1GbE LAN Controllers
Optional Client Connectivity 2 Port 10GbE Fiber / Copper
Dimensions L (29″) x W (19″) x H (7″)
Weight [Without Drives] 65lbs
Rack Space 4RU
Accessories Included Universal Rack Kit
Ambient Operating Temperature 5°C (41°F) ~ 30°C (86°F)
Max Power Draw 10A @ 3400BTU/hr

Platform Nearline 7000 288TB
* Platform Server with V4 Software
* 16 Core 2.6Ghz with 32GB of RAM (4 x 8GB)
* Dual RAID Protected SSD OS Drives
* 36 Bay 4U Rackmount enclosure with rack kit
* Rack kit is designed for round holes, if square holes are required please let ProMAX know at the time of order
* 3 Year Hardware Warranty
* 1 Year Software Upgrade Assurance Program M-F 8am to 5pm Pacific
* 24/7 Support Option Avialable

* Storage Management Features
* 36 x 8TB Nearline Drives
* Search, Metadata, Proxy Generation & Preview DAM Features
* Basic Transcoding
* Support for AE/C4D Rendering
* Use as a CatDV Server (must add CatDV softeware)

Add on options - not included
* Expanded Transcoding
* Active Directory Integration
* Up to 128GB of RAM
Transcoding is based on Episode software

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