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TriCaster Virtual Set Editor 2.5
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TriCaster Virtual Set Editor 2.5 Academic
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TriCaster Virtual Set Editor 2.5 Upgrade
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Your vision for a professional-looking studio can come to life—wherever you want it. With a plain backdrop, a few square feet of space, a panoramic camera shot from your smartphone, and NewTek Virtual Set Editor (VSE), now you can wildly transform any location into a professional, virtual environment that wraps your presenters in a 360-degree holographic vista, dramatically raises your production value and upgrades your presentation with dazzling visual effects that make an impact your audience can practically touch.

Don't bother with knockoff virtual set programs that only provide basic layering applications, or spend more than you have to on expensive hardware that limits your vision and lacks creative tool integration. Your space will transform into a live-looking locale (the actual location you photographed) or a professional set with totally realistic, free-form camera movements, foreground furniture and moving backgrounds, reflective surfaces that respond to real-time movement, and the appearance of multiple on-set stages so your presenters can deliver the news, the weather, and the sports from their own places, even if they’re standing just feet apart.

Creating sets is only half of it. VSE also includes the software for Animation Store Creator with its powerful TransWarp effects engine to create your brand’s customized full-color, animated transitions with alpha channel and embedded audio. Add real-time cloth dynamics (live video that folds like paper or waves like a flag), warped animated 3D effects and transformations, or motion overlays. And build sleek animated buffer effects to loop continuously or on demand, adding the polished look of global network programming to your own show. Don’t just elevate your brand – reinvent it.

  • Generate custom, 3D holographic virtual sets from panoramic images taken with a smartphone or camera, or from models designed in any 3D application
  • Realistic virtual camera operation, with adjustable shots and animated movements—even while live
  • Customizable starter sets with multiple angles, real-time reflections and specular highlights
  • Effortless import of layered PSD files—including keyed out areas—to support composition of sets using virtually any graphics creation tool
  • Collaborative workflow between artist and TriCaster operator, with dual installation on both a TriCaster XD system and an external Microsoft® Windows® workstation
  • User-friendly controls for quick and easy creation, right out of the box
  • Export as executable LiveSet installer for use with any TriCaster XD system
  • Instant availability of new virtual sets and effects, with support for output and update over the network to any TriCaster XD model

Minimum Workstation Requirements for Standalone Installation

  • 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows
  • Vista operating system (OS)
  • DirectX 11 NVidia GPU with
  • 1GB graphics memory or better
  • 4GB RAM or better
  • 5GB available hard drivespace
  • 1200 x 800 display

TriCaster Installation Specifications

  • TriCaster XD model required for installation.
  • Animation Store Creator application will not be accessible on TriCaster models that do not support Animation Store transitions.
  • TransWarp effects are only supported by TriCaster models 8000, 855 and 455.
  • Sets and effects can be exported as executable installer files (.exe), shared and uploaded to any compatible TriCaster model.

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