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Bob Zelin on NAB2016 – Everything is Obsolete!

Bob Zelin is back from NAB and he’s posted this article on Creative COW.  It may come as surprise to some of you, but not to many, that he’s telling us that everything we won is obsolete – before we even bought it! So without further delay here’s Bob Zelin on NAB2016:  his look at Read More

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By Gary, May 3, 2016
HP supports Windows 10

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HP Announces Thunderbolt Support on Windows 10

HP has confirmed that they now support Thunderbolt connections and products on their workstations running Windows 10. If you are currently using or wish to use Thunderbolt connected devices (like the Avid Artist | DNxIO) on HP systems, you now have the option of upgrading to Windows 10. Videoguys recommend G-Tech Thunderbolt storage solutions with Read More

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By Britt, March 21, 2016
Thunderbolt 3 technology

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About Thunderbolt 3 and how much speed you need

Making a case for Thunderbolt 3 continues with more information on what to do when you will need Thunderbolt 3’s capabilities. Thunderbolt 3, Part 2: How Much Speed Do You Need? G-Tech blog In our last blog article, we looked at the forthcoming Thunderbolt 3 storage interface. We examined its top benefits, including daisy chaining, Read More

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By Britt, March 1, 2016
Nino Leitner and G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle XL Case Study

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Filmmaker Nino Leitner on Safari with G-Technology’s G-SPEED Shuttle XL

Preservation: Nino Leitner, the G-Technology® G-SPEED Shuttle XL with Thunderbolt™ and Saving Nature’s Majesty A G-Technology Case Study From their secluded position near the river bank, Austrian filmmaker Nino Leitner and his Phantom Flex operator, Nicolas Divischek, barely dared to breathe. They watched as two young bull elephants tested their burgeoning strength in the water, Read More

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By Britt, February 26, 2016
Making a Case for Thunderbolt 3

Production Hardware

Making a Case for Thunderbolt 3

The benefits of Thunderbolt 3 are clear in this article from G-Technology. While USB appeals to the masses, Thunderbolt 3’s speed factor is significant for video professionals. Read on for more about what makes Thunderbolt 3 great. And take a look a our new Top 10 guide to G-Technology Storage Solutions for Thunderbolt 3 technology. Will Read More

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By Britt, February 17, 2016
Top 10 G-Technology Storage Solutions

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Top 10 G-Technology Storage Solutions from Videoguys.com

Videoguys recommends G-Technology external drives above all others! G-Technology uses only the highest quality 7200RPM drives from HGST. In fact all of our G-Technology RAID solutions use HGST Enterprise class drives. These drives are engineered for the most rigorous 24/7 environments. Numerous independent tests have determined that HGST Enterprise drives are the most reliable in Read More

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By Britt, February 11, 2016
CES Innovation 2016 Honoree_0

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CES2016: Liftoff for Thunderbolt3

We’ve been a huge fan of Thunderbolt technology since it launched over 5 years ago. With the latest new iteration and it’s new connector that supports both Thunderbolt and USB gear, the countdown has begun.  At CES 2016 a myriad of comapnies were showing new Thunderbolt 3 equipped gear, including several Windows laptop vendors. Thunderbolt3 Read More

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By Gary, January 11, 2016
Screen Shot 12-29-15 at 12.58 PM

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Videoguys top video storage recommendation: G-Tech G-RAID with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0

Videoguys top recommendation for today’s newest computers with high speed interfaces is the G-Technology G-RAID with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 I’ve been a huge fan of G-RAIDs since the founding of G-Tech over a decade ago. Over the past ten years we’ve sold tens of thousands of them.  They are extremely reliable and deliver outstanding performance.  Read More

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By Gary, December 29, 2015

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How to Create a Networked Storage Solution with G-Tech G-Speed XL

Hurlbut Visuals has posted this fantastic guide on creating a small networked storage solution using G-Tech G-Speed XL Thunderbolt drives and HP workstations.  It involves using one of the z840s on the network to share the G-Speed XLs directly with other z840 worksations directly via 10GB ethernet, as well as via 1GBe over the entire Read More

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By Gary, December 23, 2015
G-Technology specials

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Holiday Specials on G-Technology Storage

Save 5% Off All Purchases at Videoguys.com now through 12/31/15 with coupon HOLIDAY5! • FREE UPS Ground Shipping on all orders • Plus FREE Gift with G-Tech Purchase of $400 or more! Order any G-Technology Drive over $400 and we’ll send you a FREE Steadicam Curve – $39.95 Value!  Our most popular G-Technology Solutions! All Read More

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By Videoguys, December 22, 2015

SSpring Sale