Comparing Pearl 2 vs Pearl

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Comparing Epiphan Pearl 2 and Pearl Live Video Production Systems

Epiphan Pearl 2 vs Epiphan Pearl  Pearl and Pearl-2 form a lineup for formidable, full-featured all-in-one live video production systems. This page will help you select the one that works best for you based on your current and future video streaming and recording needs. With a state of the art 6th generation Intel i7 processor, Read More

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By Britt, February 3, 2017
Pearl Guide

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Epiphan Pearl Guide: An 8 Part Series on Pearl and Pearl-2 Live Video Systems

Pearl and Pearl-2 are dynamic all-in-one live video systems that let you sit back and relax with auto-setup or let you customize every aspect of your production. As a result, there are as many different potential Pearl configurations as there are Pearl users! This 8 part guide outlines some of the most common and most Read More

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By Britt, February 2, 2017
Pearl Guide Part 8


Epiphan Pearl Guide Part 8: Multi-Source Recorder

When you have multiple sources that you need to record in high definition and perfect synchronicity. Whether you’re capturing a performance rehearsal or a video wall operator, get perfectly crisp, completely synchronized video at 1080p30 from up to six sources. Each source is captured perfectly in its original resolution. Recording and streaming are controlled for Read More

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By Britt, January 25, 2017

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Duke University Case Study: Epiphan Pearl 2 – 4k Live Streaming and Recording

Duke University is a fan of Epiphan Pearl for live streaming and they’ve given a thumbs up for Pearl-2. If you are looking for a mobile streaming and recording device, you’ll want to check this out. In the move from the Pearl to the Pearl 2, Epiphan cranked up the power of its core processor so Read More

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By Britt, January 24, 2017
Pearl Guide part 7


Epiphan Pearl Guide Part 7: 4K 4-Up Multiview

Preserve every detail of four 1080p sources by combining them into a single 4-up, 4K recording. When you need to monitor four 1080p sources on a single 4K screen, Pearl-2 has you covered. Record, watch on a connected monitor and even stream your 4K compilation. Connect your sources to the ports on the back of Read More

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By Britt, January 19, 2017
Epiphan Pearl Guide - Part 6 Lower Thirds


Epiphan Pearl Guide Part 6: Lower Thirds

Keep your audience informed and direct their attention to the screen with this dynamic setup using lower thirds. Add contextual information, brand your content and provide valuable additional information in the lower part of your live video stream. Record a high-quality clean ISO of your camera source for convenient post-processing. Live stream and record your Read More

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By Britt, January 16, 2017
Pearl Guide Part 5


Epiphan Pearl Guide Part 5: Outside The Box

Deliver your live presentation to audience members in different locations by taking advantage of overflow rooms. When room size limitations prevents all audience members from attending in the same room, use smart TVs to display the video stream in other locations. Take advantage of Pearl’s video output ports to also show your slides on a local monitor Read More

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By Britt, January 11, 2017
Pearl Guide Part 4


Epiphan Pearl Guide Part 4: Effortless Observation

Effortless Observation with Epiphan Pearl Optimize usability and user experience testing labs with this simple, powerful setup that captures every detail, from every angle. Use Pearl’s video output ports for real-time observation to discretely watch from another room without missing a moment in your observations. Simultaneously stream to offsite researchers via YouTube, a CDN or Read More

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By Britt, January 9, 2017


Epiphan Pearl Guide Part 3: No Fail Live Streaming

No Fail Live Streaming with Epiphan Pearl Use Epiphan Pearl when you absolutely need to make sure you capture the moment! Create the ultimate dynamic live switched streaming program with ISOs for post-production. With two independent Pearl systems, you have under control, even in the face of human error. Includes three HD video sources, a Read More

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By Britt, December 27, 2016
Epiphan Pearl Guide 2 Dynamic Events


Epiphan Pearl Guide Part 2: Dynamic Live Events

Create Dynamic Live Events using Epiphan Pearl Epiphan Pearl is the best solution when you need to stream and record a dynamic presentation that includes live switching between multiple sources and fully-customized layouts. You can deliver a visually dynamic live production using two different video sources and custom layouts to keep your viewers glued to Read More

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By Britt, December 19, 2016