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G-Technology Workflow & easy Set Up for PC Users

Travel and humanitarian photographer Colby Brown discusses his drive setup and component configuration for the optimal workflow.

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By Gary, May 11, 2015

Video Storage

RedShark review G-Tech G-Raid 8TB: workhorse high performance RAID

Videoguys has always recommended G-Tech G-RAID drives to our custoerms. They offer a winning combination of high performanc, reliability and style. The folks over at RedShark come to the same conclusion. With 8TB G-RAIDs starting at $599 they are a great choice for video editors. RedShark There are two removable drives in the unit, and Read More

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By Gary, May 8, 2015

Video Storage

G-Tech new Rugged lineup featuring the G-Drive ev ATC

The new rugged line of G-Tech G-Drives are a hit. We’ve not only sold a ton of them, many of our customers are also investing in the G-Dock to fully optimize their workflow. When it comes to rugged, water proof storage without any sacrifice for performance, nothing comes close the the G-Drive ev ATC.  Look Read More

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By Gary, May 6, 2015

News and Sales

Holy PetaBytes Batman! HGST Targets Active Archive Market

So I’m over at the G-Tech booth at NAB in Vegas checking out their latest offerings and I get pulled over by one of their top sale guys. I’ve got to go over and see HGST’s (the parent company of G-Tech)  Active Archive solution.  The HGST guy taking me over to it is telling me they’re Read More

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By Gary, April 24, 2015

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NAB Spotlight on New G-Technology Storage Solutions

CALL NOW 800-323-2325    NAB SPOTLIGHT ON… G-TECHNOLOGY STORAGE SOLUTIONS Over the past few months G-Tech has introduced several new products. First on the list is the new G-DRIVE ev rugged line of slim, portable drives that work with their G-Dock workflows. They’ve also introduced a line of USB3 only G-DRIVE and G- RAID solutions Read More

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By Jim, April 7, 2015

Video Storage

G-Drive ev RaW: G-Tech’s new rugged USB3 drive

Blue is the new Orange! The G-Tech G-Drive ev RAW is setting the new standard for high peformance, rugged, portable USB3 hard drives. As an added bonus it can be used with the G-Tech G-Dock for an even cooler workflow. RedShark News The G-DRIVE ev RaW is a capable, fast portable USB 3 drive with the Read More

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By Gary, March 31, 2015
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Video Storage


By SLR Lounge |Photography Tutorials Walking around the expo floor here at WPPI, storage products can easily be glanced over with all the presenters drawing crowds and new consumer electronic products being showcased around every corner. While hard drives and RAID systems most likely aren’t at the forefront of everyone’s agenda, they were for me. Read More

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By Gary, March 18, 2015

Video Editing, Video Storage

ProMAX Platform Portable: Videoguys first look

Videoguys by Scott Smith & Eric Newman It’s been an exciting time for us here at Videoguys with the introduction of ProMAX shared storage solutions to our product line! We love testing out the products we sell and the ProMAX Portable line is no exception. We were able to get this box going in a Read More

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By Gary, March 4, 2015

Video Storage

G-Technology: G-RAID vs G-DRIVE: What Is the Big Difference?

Hurlbut Visuals by David Weldon So Shane walks up to me a few days ago and says: “Hey David, we need to talk about on-set workflow, specifically with the use of G-Raids. We need to get people to see what is important in their workflow as DITs on set and why these drives make a Read More

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By Gary, February 26, 2015
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Video Storage

G-Technology G-DOCK ev With Thunderbolt Storage Review

Production Expert As editor of Pro Tools Expert and weekly contributor to the Pro Tools Expert podcast there’s a question I’ve seen asked again and again, should one chose a desktop or portable hard drive? Desktop hard drives normally offer faster speed and greater capacity, whereas portable drives offer the flexibility of being able to throw them into a Read More

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By Gary, February 17, 2015