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Video Editing

Watch & Learn Boris Continuum Complete Fundamentals

Boris FX has posted a bunch of excellent video tutorials on Vimeo that provide an excellent overview and tutorials for using Boris Continuum Complete (BCC). BCC is a full set of powerful filters, VFX, titling and color grading plug-ins that work seemelessly with your prefered NLE. BCC is available for Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premeire Read More

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By Gary, October 5, 2015

News and Sales

Say Goodbye to FCP7 and Hello to a New NLE

It’s been 5 years since Apple abandoned Final Cut Pro 7 and it’s loyal user base. They did give you a choice, to move on to their completely new video editor FCPX or jump ship to Premiere Pro, Media Composer or another NLE.  It amazes me how many editors are still hanging on and editing Read More

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By Gary, October 2, 2015

Video Editing

Back to the Future: Randy Ubillos talks Premiere & FCP

I don’t think it’s an understatement to call Randy Ubillos the founding father of desk top video. While Avid, Media 100 and others came first, it was Adobe Premiere and Final Cut that brought computer based video editing to the masses. Alex interviewed Randy last summer at the Bay Area SuperMeetUp in San Jose. Here Read More

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By Gary, August 28, 2015

Video Editing

Xto7 grows into XtoCC We recently renamed Xto7 for Final Cut Pro to XtoCC (Creative Cloud). I’d like to explain why we did that as some people have expressed some disappointment in the change. Naming an app (software application) is never easy. Ideally it should be easy to remember and relevant to what it does. Ideally it would Read More

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By Gary, June 29, 2015

Video Editing

5 Things You Should Know About ProRes

PremiumBeat by Johnathan Paul ProRes has gained in popularity as an intermediate codec. In this post we share tips for using ProRes in your video workflow. When I began my career I was editing a lot of video in Final Cut 7, so ProRes naturally was my best friend. When I made the brief jump Read More

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By Brittany, February 11, 2015

Video Editing

Why Should Final Cut Pro 7 Editors Consider Adobe Premiere Pro CC?

By Larry Jordan One of the most popular questions I get asked is: “I’m using Final Cut Pro 7. Should I buy Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro X?” Let me start by saying both applications are used by professionals around the world every day. Both are made by excellent companies, with devoted Read More

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By Videoguys, July 28, 2014

Tech Support, Tutorials, Tips & Tricks, Video Editing

Finding Help For NLE Errors

Screenlight by Josh Short Video editing is a scary thing. Something can go wrong at any time. A hard drive can fail, media goes missing or your NLE can give you crazy errors like the ones below. You can’t tell what these errors even mean so how can you get started trying to solve the Read More

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By Videoguys, March 5, 2014

Video Editing

Charting a course for the filmmaking future

PVC by Meagan Keane Prolific young filmmaker adopts Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud Blake Simon is a sophomore at Loyola Marymount University studying Film Production and he’s already making his mark on the filmmaking world. So far, he has written, directed, and edited 11 short films on his own, and ultimately plans to Read More

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By Videoguys, February 14, 2014

Video Editing

Adventures in Editing, and Why Adobe takes a Bite out of Apple.

by Doug Luberts Hey folks… Bit a bit of a while since I’ve last typed here, things have been happily busy, and I’ve been working on a few new, and very cool, projects. A few weeks ago I got hired to edit the second season of a talk-format web series. The hosts/producers are both friends Read More

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By Videoguys, February 7, 2014

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Get Started Fast with Avid for Final Cut Pro 7 Editors

Avid Blogs by Kevin McAuliffe In the first of our Get Started Fast with Avid for Final Cut Pro 7 tutorials, I’ll take you through the basics of moving your project from FCP7 to Avid Media Composer 7 with a focus on AMA. Avid Media Access (AMA) is a revolutionary plug-in architecture that lets you connect a Read More

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By Videoguys, January 17, 2014