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LinusTechTips WAN Show Video Show Rebuilds Live Streaming Studio

LinusTechTips WAN Show video show rebuilds live stream studio with Corsair hardware. Studio rebuild also features Epiphan capture cards – devices we love – are the simplest way to capture video.  Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems will automatically detect cards ensuring compatibility with your favorite software. Portable, compact and ready to go, they’re available for Read More

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By Britt, February 23, 2017

Production Hardware

Epiphan Video Grabbers Used in WAN Show

Epiphan Video sponsored and provided the WAN Show with the USB video grabbers for use in their YouTube show. “They just work!” LinusTechTips used the SDI and the HD for their recent web show. They did run into problems at first but added a high-speed PCIe USB controller to get the throughput Read More

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By Courtney Wach, February 20, 2017

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Using Epiphan 4K to How to capture from your Xbox One S in 4K

Epiphan shares the answer to the exciting question; Did you know that your Xbox One S™ can upscale 1080p gameplay to 4K UHD? In this article you will learn how to capture from your Xbox One S in 4K. How to do video game capture from your Xbox One S in 4K UHD with this Read More

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By Courtney Wach, February 8, 2017

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Epiphan Video Capture for Streaming to Social Media with OBS

Epiphan video grabbers can be used with a laptop or desktop, PC or Mac for Streaming to multiple social media platforms on a budget. Using Epiphan’s simple-to-use video grabbers with a free open source streaming application, such as OBS Studio, you can create an affordable setup for live multi-source streaming to your favorite Read More

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By Britt, February 2, 2017

Video Editing

Epiphan Saves the Day at Videoguys!

Here at Videoguys we strive to pump out content weekly to our viewers. Sometimes as an editor you run into some issues that are quite frustrating. One issue we came across was our audio and video were completely out of sync once imported to Adobe Premiere. Epiphan video grabber saved the day. The Goal Take Read More

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By Courtney Wach, January 13, 2017

Streaming, User Stories and Reviews

Epiphan Video Capture Device Review

I decided to give the Epiphan Video HD a try. It could not have been any easier to get the working, no drivers to install, just plug and play. With in minutes I was able to see video in VLC media player. Putting It All Together The process to get the pieces working Read More

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By Courtney Wach, December 22, 2016

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NewTek TriCaster Mini case study: Streaming Live Skype Interviews

Here’s how Lon Seidman shoots interviews on the channel using my Tricaster Mini and Skype. In this video Lon details how he brings in callers via Skype and communicate with them through the Tricaster. It involves using a computer for the call, which is connected to an HDMI to USB adapter.  on uses a Magewell USB capture device. We recommend Read More

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By Gary, November 11, 2016

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Epiphan 4K Review: The BEST USB Capture Card for Price!

Video by EposVox Epiphan 4K is quite possibly the BEST USB capture card you can buy for the price right now.  “For $400 I can confidently say that this is probably the best capture card you can currently get for the price range. If you need something insanely flexible you cannot go wrong with Read More

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By Gary, November 3, 2016

4K, UHD and 3D, Production Hardware

Epiphan 4K – The best capture card in the industry

Skiwithpete has done a unboxing and review on 4K from Epiphan. You don’t want to miss it here! Epiphan 4K  unboxing and review. PLEASE NOTE: “Epiphan provided this product for review, but this is NOT a PAID endorsement. The opinions and comments are my own.” The easiest way to capture 4K video The plug Read More

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By Courtney Wach, October 13, 2016

Streaming, Tech Tips & Tricks

Broadcasting to Facebook Live with Telestream Wirecast

Well done article on how simple and easy it is to go from Telestream Wirecast to Facebook Live. Facebook Live is becoming a very important video channel for promoting your business, services, or just sharing your interests with others.  Telestream Wirecast is software that will run on Windows or Macs, Desk tops or laptops. You Read More

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By Gary, August 19, 2016